Isabella is 23 Months!

So much has happened over the last six months, I’m so excited to share some of the recent happenings and #toddlermilestones with all of you! In My last post (prior to my hiatus) our sweet baby girl, Isabella, had just turned 18 months and I remember being amazed then with how much she had grown.

When I look at her now, at almost 2 years old, I’m astonished by the level of independence she’s showing. She talks A LOT! She seems to have gotten the hang of forming more complex sentences and her “parroting” skills ( her ability to hear words and/or phrases and repeat it perfectly) are awe-inspiring, to say the very least. The phrase I hear most often these days is “Mama, let me do it!” I hear it when we’re getting dressed for school, mealtimes and last, but certainly not least, when she’s using her potty. She wants to do everything on her own. The good thing is she does ask for help if she needs it by simply saying “help me”!

Speaking of independence, both my husband and I attribute some of her advancements to her new school environment. Late August we enrolled Isabella into a private Montessori school. The decision to change our childcare provider was a fairly easy one to make, as we both wanted a learning environment that could meet her where she is with developmental appropriate activities and expectations in the classroom. Let me tell you, best decision EVER! Isabella is truly thriving: learning, growing and of course playing. We’ve seen such a boost in her confidence, though there are still occasions when she’s a little unsure of herself or somewhat hesitant to do something. I find those occasions are becoming fewer and far between as she’s “using her words” to tell us what she might be feeling or what it is that she wants, she usually just asks for help.

Favorite Moments, Memories & Milestones:

In July we took the kids to Disney Springs. We were so excited because it was our first time going together as a family. We loved watching the kids’ eyes light up as they looked around at all the different sights and hearing Isabella squeal with excitement each time she saw a character she recognized! We had such an awesome time, we’ve gone back 2-3 more times.



Isabella’s first day at her new school. OMG…Looking back, I still can’t believe I cried that much! Baby girl did too, which I had expected. Fortunately, those tears only lasted for a few short minutes after drop off in the mornings and she’s all smiles for the rest of the day! She adjusted extremely well.

Isabella’s first day at school

She’s has also made some great strides in the potty-training department…YAY! She’s using the potty pretty regularly both at home and at school. She’s even gone commando a few times with minimal accidents.

Mid September Isabella’s grandparents surprised her with this red Radio Flyer tricycle! So sweet of them 🙂  She loves riding around their house.

her first Radio Flyer


riding around in Grandma’s kitchen

Last month I posted on Instagram this adorable pic of the kids at Lukas Nursery in Oviedo.They loved the hayride around the beautifully decorated property, live music and the super fun scavenger hunt.

Isabella’s school also celebrated the season by hosting their Annual Harvest Festival. The kids looked so adorable during their Hat Parade for all the parents. Here are a  few pictures of her and her classmates.



“hand-on everybody”


Follow the leader for the Hat Parade


Thanks so much to each and every one of you who have read my blog and supported me throughout this amazing journey of motherhood. I’m forever grateful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


 Isabella Frances: 16 Months!

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Isabella Frances: 15 Months!

I love documenting Isabella’s progress each month and sharing all of the new things she’s up to.She’s doing so much these days that I’ve started to keep a list on my iPhone so I can remember everything for these monthly posts.   

The days of Isabella crying when I leave her at daycare are becoming fewer and far between. Though she’s still clings to me when we initially walk into her classroom, she’s all smiles and giggles once she’s greeted by her teachers and friends. She almost always gives me a great big hug and blows me a kiss before saying “bye bye”. She just loves her little class, her teachers and her friends. 


She’s learning so much every day and I’m always surprised by the new things she’s doing and saying. It was just yesterday when I picked her up from daycare, as I walk into her classroom I hear her telling her teacher “se acabó” as she claps her hands. Sure enough, she heard one of her teachers say it and she was repeating it back. It was just too cute and so unexpected when she said it. Love moments like these. 

Here are Isabella’s 15 month updates:

Height/Weight: Isabella is about 32.5 inches tall and about 32lbs. She’s just about done wearing size 4 diapers and transitioning into size 5.   Diet: Isabella has always been a good eater from day one and now that she’s an active toddler, her appetite has increased. She tries to eat your food when she’s done hers and doesn’t want anyone else to eat if she’s not eating. Bottom line: my girl likes to eat.

Favorite Moments, Memories & Milestones:

Likes playing with my necklaces…likes even more, wearing them herself 

Imitates everything, gives high fives

Can point/touch every area of her face and body when we ask “where are Isabella’s hands? where are your eyes? show mommy your belly button? touch your feet! etc

Loves to dance — I play music and pick her up then we dance in the mirror like 2 silly girls

Can sign “more,” “please,” “milk,” and “all done.” Go-figure, she learns the food related signs first

Can correctly identify/point to items when asked (show mama the duck. where is the ball? where is the frog?)

Loves Elmo! She enjoys watching and dancing with him when we watch Sesame Street. 

Still HATES having her diaper changed most of the time. Not too long ago Isabella told me “no pamper mama,”which prompted hubs and I to buy a potty to “let her practice” as suggested by my mom. In Jamaica, where she grew up, babies start potty-training young as children there start school at two years old, unlike here in the States where they start at four. I figured it’s better to start now, especially since she’s expressed an interest.  

Says mama, dada and daddy (so adorbable), quack quack, woof, socks and shoes, apple, be quiet (or quiet when the dog barks), grandma and grandpa (or papa, it varies), bubbles, Up!, NO, uh-oh!…and a few other things I can’t understand. She also said purple recently. She says “agua” for water, and“jugo” for juice too.

Does actions for “itsy bitsy spider,” “if you’re happy and you know it,” and “twinkle, twinkle.” 

Tried tangerines, honey and ravioli  for the first time this month

Loves Facetiming with grandma! When she hears the ringing sound and my moms face appears on screen, Isabella’s eyes light up. Too. Cute. She’ll hand me my phone and say “hello, grandma?” As a way to tell me to call her.   

Isabella meeting her Uncle Stephen for the first time. 

 Thanks for reading!