11 Insanely Easy Ways to Remix Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Saturday! I hope all of you had a wonderful (and delicious) Thanksgiving! This weekend has been pretty relaxing as I’m just greatful to have a few extra days off from work to spend with my loved ones. Instead of making a bee-line to the outlet malls and waiting in ridiculously long lines, we slept in and have been enjoying leftovers, movies and good ol’ football at home so far. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m sure I’m not the only one with a fridge of little food filled containers. What do we do with all of these leftovers though? Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional Thanksgiving food, but after 2 days, I’m kind of over it. There are a plethora of ways to remix your leftovers and I wmated to share some of my faves. Buen Provecho!

If you’ve already tried some of these and/or you’re looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen, I’d love to hear what you like to do with your leftovers! I truly hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading!


Top Coffee Spots Around Orlando

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite things with you: coffee! Now, I wouldn’t call myself a coffee connoisseur, but I can definitely appreciate a cup of really good coffee. Here are a few places around Orlando that I highly recommend you check out when you’re in need of a caffeine fix.


Photo courtesy of Credo Downtown

Photo courtesy of Credo

706 W Smith St
Orlando, FL 32804

I love the concept behind a non-profit coffee house. YES, your payment is a donation! Not only are you getting a good cup of coffee, you’re giving back to your community…total win win! Credo is one of the most relaxing coffee shops I’ve ever visited. The atmosphere is really laid-back with tons of seating options from comfy couches to table and chair set ups perfect for getting some work done. The staff is also super friendly. They explained their mission and provided menus with suggested prices, but no one frowns or makes you feel awkward if you give less.


Photo courtesy of Barnie's CoffeeKitchen

Photo courtesy of Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen

118 S. Park Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

I’ll admit, I’m usually not a fan of chain coffee shops just because the coffee quality tends to vary from shop to shop. With Barnie’s I’m consistently served a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee each and every visit regardless of location. I recommend checking out the coffee kitchen shop on Park Ave. They have a pretty wide selection of coffee and espresso drinks (even beer and wine) with great food options, especially if you’re looking for a quaint Sunday brunch spot. If you’re a fan of flavored coffee, pick up a bag of coffee cake, this is one of my all-time favorite flavors and for the upcoming holiday season, I recommend Santa’s White Christmas.


Photo courtesy of Sleeping Moon

Photo courtesy of Sleeping Moon

Sleeping Moon Cafe
495 N. Semoran Blvd. Ste 1
Winter Park, FL 32792


A co-worker recently invited me to lunch at Sleeping Moon and I’m so thankful she did because this place is a pretty cool coffee spot with a unique atmosphere. The walls are filled with tons of gorgeous art work from local artists and the large sofa sectional positioned in the center of the dining room gives the place a homey feel. In addition to the good vibes, this spot offers delicious specialty coffees and teas with a variety of yummy food choices including a few traditional Turkish dishes. If you’re in the Winter Park area stop by Sleeping Moon Cafe and try the avocado bravado panini with a cup of the Turkish coffee, you won’t be disappointed.


Photo courtesy of lifeandthyme.com

Photo courtesy of jeanmariephoto.com

3201 Corrine Dr
Orlando, FL 32803
Another spot that I recently discovered is Lineage Coffee. Simply put, its a minimalist approach to serving coffee. You step up to the counter select either an espresso drink or drip coffee, pick the beans you want and they’ll grind and brew them in the system of your choice. It’s that simple. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe came highly recommended by the staff and I get why, this stuff is life changing! The taste was smooth, almost wine-like with floral undertones, unlike any coffee I’ve tasted before. If you’re trying to beat the Florida heat and still get your caffeine fix, try their bottled cold brew white, it’s delicious. Fun fact: if you save the bottle(s), they take 0.50 cents off your next purchase.
Thanks again for reading and I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!


Today I’m sharing a gift guide for the wonderful men in your life. I complied a list of hubby’s favorite things as well as a few items I know he’s had his eye on.

from first row, to last:
Not sure if I ever mentioned this in a earlier post, but Frank is a huge sports fan and that sometimes is reflected in the gear he wears. He’s always liked the look of baseball and varsity style jackets, but I wanted to get him something that was a little more stylish (and adult looking). I love GAP’s leather version and the price is great too!
I was first introduced to the NIXON brand a few years ago when I was working for Barney’s New York  and I’ve been a fan ever since. Aside from making quality watches, they also have some other awesome products especially for men. I have the Monopoly in all gold (see it here!) and love it’s simple and classic style, I know hubs would like something a bit more masculine. I think the Sentry is a perfect (black leather strap and face) blend of casual sophistication.
Though I bought Frank a grill a couple of years ago for Father’s day, he’s still mentioned that he’d like a portable grill for us to use during those beach and park outings. I actually stumbled across this brand as a Perk for being an Urban Daddy member. This little grill seems to pack a mighty punch. It’s cook ready in 5 minutes, uses wood for fuel and smokes food. The Grill comes with am awesome set of accessories including: a cleaning brush, a carrying bag, car cigarette lighter adaptor and 120V electrical adaptor just to name a few.
I have been a fan of Joe’s Jeans for what seems like forever especially their mes line. I know he would love the quality as much as I do if he tried it out. Hubs has been looking for a pair of sneakers that weren’t a typical athletic shoe, but still could be paired with jeans and a collared shirt. I was attracted to the embossed leather style and I think he’ll really like this pair.
***Note: Purchase with Ulta and receive a FREE Luxury Robe or Serving Set with any $40 Fragrance purchase (offer valid 11/30/14-12/24/14 or while supplies last)***
You can never go wrong with Prada! One of my favorite scents for men, its light and clean and isn’t overly masculine. When I first met Frank years ago, his “go-to” scent was always Curve. Though, I liked how it smelled on him, I felt the need to introduce other scents to his now growing collection and Luna Rossa is a perfect “wear any occasion” scent.
With the recent drop in temperature, Frank has mentioned that his skin sometimes gets very dry and chapped. He stumbled across a sample size of Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy that worked wonders on his skin, especially his severely chapped hands. Unfortunately, but like many guys, he couldn’t justify spending money on skin care. So…I picked up this Defense Kit for him which includes Chapped Skin Remedy, Chapped Lip Remedy and the Daily Face Repair all of which are great for cold weather, but are also super soothing for sunburned skin.


I hope this post gave y’all some ideas for the men in your lives! Happy shopping!


Celebrating Our Second Wedding Anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary! We spent Sunday (yesterday) at home, starting our day off with brunch (hubs slept in while I cooked). The menu consisted of all his favorite things:
Buttermilk Pancakes
Scrambled Eggs with Cheese
Turkey Sausage
Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

It rained most of the day, which made it perfect for us to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed watching football. Later that evening, hubs arranged a romantic dinner for us at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Winter Park.

IMG_3479.JPGa sweet treat we received after dinner

After we made it home from dinner, hubs presented me with the sweetest selection of gifts: all of my favorite things (great minds clearly think alike)! I’m a huge fan of anything Paul Frank and hubs got me the most adorable onesie pajamas that I’ve wanted for the longest, a bag of these delicious white chocolate covered red velvet bites and 2 front and center tickets to see Cirque Du Soliel’s La Nouba.

Lots of love to my wonderful husband and I’m a lucky woman to have him! He is my rock and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.




Our Weekend in Tampa

I love weekends (that I don’t work). I get to spend good ol’ quality time with hubs and the kids, which I absolutely cherish because of my busy work schedule.

Our weekend started on Friday, both hubs and I took the day off to drive over to Tampa. There we checked into our room at the Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina and met up with my parents, brother and his family.

After checking in and settling into our rooms, we ate lunch on property at Champions Grill. I had craved a burger and fries over the last few days, which I finally gave in and ordered just that. Soooo worth it because my meal was delicious!


Hubs spent the rest of the afternoon poolside with the kids, my mom and I enjoyed mani/pedis at the spa. After a quick bite for dinner we took a stroll across the marina. On the opposite end was this cute café serving gelato. Of course I couldn’t pass up desert. We made our way back to the hotel for a drink on the patio before calling it a night.

Saturday morning, I woke up to this view off of our balcony.

Hub’s cousin Rey met us at the hotel that morning. We all ate breakfast together at Cafe Waterside before heading to the Florida Aquarium for some family fun. The kids had a blast seeing different species of sea life, birds and reptiles. With it being the first day of shark week, they got a chance to catch glimpses of a few swimming by.

The moment that completely made my day was seeing my 15 month old nephew Landon, wave and blow kisses to the divers in the tank. His little eyes lit up when one of them came to the glass and waved back.

 Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

1st Week of Being 30!

Hubs and I spent our Sunday morning  with my parents, my brother and baby Landon, my 11 month old nephew. We all went to Keke’s Breakfast Café in celebration of my birthday. My mom has talked about this place to hubs and I for the last few weeks and what better reason to go try the place out?! The food was really good and very filling, lemme tell you. I must warn you though, some of the portions are big. For example, Hubs ordered a side of bacon with his meal and out comes a plate with 4 slices, perfectly cooked. And then we have the pancakes and all their deliciousness. They’re just a little smaller than a dinner plate. I was barely able to finish one.


CRAY, I know! Overall, we had a really good time. What I enjoyed most was getting to spend time with my family,  which is super important to me especially during my birthday. Though we don’t live very far from each other, we all have weird work schedules which makes it really difficult to get together. Because of that, hubs and I try to have dinner with our  once a month.

After breakfast and we’ve all said our goodbyes, it was all about US reconnecting as a couple. SO EXCITED about this part! We went home and decided to head over to Blue Jacket Park near our home for some quality time with Mickey. He thoroughly enjoyed the car ride there. He loves to hang his whole body out of the window, like he’s leading the way. Since the weather the past few days had been on the yucky side, we definitely wanted to take advantage of the lack of rain. Side note: 4 people came up to hubs and I asking about Mickey’s breed, if he’s a husky…lol. My lil boy is definitely good-looking especially in his little blue hoodie my mother in law got him for his birthday last year. We stayed at the park for an hour or two before calling it quits. Though the sun was out, there was still a strong breeze making it on the cold side.

Since most of the afternoon had already passed and our tummies were starting to rumble, we decided to have an early dinner. Hubs planned for us to go to Texas de Brazil on I-Drive. I love their food! Being at a churrascaria is a definite nod to our honeymoon. Well planned by hubs. We got there around 5pm and there was already a 30-45 minute wait. We took a seat on this over sized upholstered bench, enjoyed a cocktail or two and each others company while waiting. I always enjoy getting out with my man and it totally felt like we were dating all over again 😉  I highly recommend trying a caipirinha. Its Brazil’s national drink and it’s seriously delicious (and strong, so be careful), as was our dinner once we got to our table and the first few meat options came around. The Brazilian flan is a must try! After dinner, we decided to call it a night. We knew the coming week was a busy one, making it an early night and getting possibly an extra hour or two of sleep is much appreciated.

My Monday was spent being productive. The first load of laundry went in before the sun was up and completely finished by 11:30am, along with the grocery shopping. I also gave the house a good deep cleaning starting with the kitchen and finishing with our bedroom. I ran a few quick errands before returning home and cooking dinner. Than came dishes. Shower. Bedtime.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by at lightening speed (or so it felt). I started my morning at about 5:15 making sure Yesmond was all packed up and ready for her dance competition, making sure she’s got snacks and her makeup is performance perfect. Not only does she have competition today and tomorrow, but she also has prom tonight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make her performance due to my work schedule.

I left my office around 6:30  and headed home to meet my friend Sash, who was kind enough to do Yesmond’s makeup for her prom. She did an awesome job, Yesmond absolutely LOVED her look! She and her friends looked amazing. Now that they’ve left the house, hubs and I cleaned up and are ready for bed. It’s been a long day and we’re both exhausted. Thank you all for reading & have a wonderful night!



Sweet & Savory Super Bowl Recipes

Since hubby and I are major football fans, Super Bowl is treated somewhat like a holiday in our home. We usually have a few guests over for some good food and drinks while watching the game on the big screen. Since the weather here in Orlando has been pretty chilly lately, the outlook of us having an outdoor BBQ isn’t looking so good. So, this year’s festivities will be held indoors.

I jumped on Pinterest for some cool entertaining ideas other bloggers have raved about along with some yummy recipes that I’ll be cooking up for our  guests. I’ll be honest, I’m a girl who loves to eat and of course some of my fave foods are things that are totally bad for you..that’s not so bad, right?! Then again, I did make a promise to myself that I would start eating better and I’m going to stay committed to that 😉  So, these are some of my ideas for a menu:

Food Network’s blog’s Texas Hold-ums Mini Chipotle Beef Burgers with Warm Fire Roasted Garlic Ketchup: You can’t have football without burgers; it’s like…a tradition!

Sweet Potato Skins via Girl Makes Food: What an awesome alternative to the good ‘ol spud!

Delicious Living’s Chicken Satay: Another quick and easy finger food option for guests. This recipe calls for a peanut dip, since I’m highly allergic to peanuts I opted for a minted mango dipping sauce.

Martha Stewart’s banana avocado dip with plantain chips via Yummly.com

I found 3 other Pins for recipes I think will be loved by all: MS has a great bruschetta recipe made with avocados, a mexicali phyllo wraps with chipotle cilantro cream, and a super easy vegan emapanada recipe.

Garlic & Herb Pita Chips via Eating Well: I don’t even have to add anything extra to my grocery list! I also loved their Chile-Lime Tortilla Chips. I think those will be great “chip and dip” options.

Now for dessert! Something bite-sized is usually what I look for when feeding more than a handful of people (it’s also much more cost-effective!). I have a few canning jars I can use to make lemon pudding cakes. A co-worker recommended this recipe to me from this blog she follows (here’s a link to the original post). I tried them when made them for an office potluck and everyone raved about how great they were. I’m definitely going to give this recipe a try! I may also make a quick batch of brownies to provide options in case anyone isn’t much of a lemon fan.

Those are my picks for a winning Super Bowl menu. I’m always looking for great ways to make each year’s celebration better than the last, I’m all ears for suggestions. What do all of you do for Super Bowl?