Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I’m so grateful for my 3-day weekend! Super grateful because I was starting to feel like I was falling behind on everything: work, home school…I was starting to feel like I just needed an extra day to kinda catch my breath. F and I spent our Friday with taking Bells on a school field trip to the Brevard Zoo. So much fun!!

This is definitely a Must See if you’re in the area. Brevard Zoo is only about an hour’s drive from Orlando and the weather was perfect on Friday. Not too humid..YAY!

First stop: Africa! We got chance to see the African Rhino taking a snooze and a very inquisitive Zebra. Isabella kept calling him Marty.


We also got a chance to visit a beautiful aviary and encounter some the most gorgeous birds.


Some of Our Faves:


How majestic of a creator is the American Bald Eagle? Fortunate enough to get to see them here at our local zoo.


Flamingos are also among my favorite birds to see. We came just in time to see them prancing around in unison. I also recommend stopping by the aquarium to check out the stingrays and some of the other spieces of local marine animals. If you’re visiting with little ones make your way over to the train station for a ride around the property, the kids petting zoo and rock playground!

Bells had a blast visiting the zoo with her class. The kiddos learned so much about the beautiful animals and the importance of conservation. How awesome is it that a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds are already learning about protecting our animals and their habitat. Pretty Epic!

All in all, awesome fun-filled weekend at the zoo. If you’re looking for an adventure and see some amazing animals, check out Brevard Zoo. You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s chat! How’d you spend your weekend?


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