Hello and happy Sunday! This was a pretty fun-filled family weekend for us, which is much appreciated after spending 2 days in bed sick with a stomach bug. Silver lining: I’m able to fit back into a pair of my pre-baby skinny jeans :.)

Saturday we attended a birthday party for one of Isabella’s daycare classmates. The party was held at a cute little park just a few short miles from our house. It was already pretty humid by late morning, so we only stayed for a couple of hours. Isa and the rest of the kids enjoyed themselves nonetheless.

Now that she’s conquered her fear of going down the slide, it’s become her fave thing. Well, that and the swing.

I absolutely LoVE everything about these quit snaps I took with my iPhone! And I love even more is hearing that beautiful giggle and following laughter!! She’s such a happy girl…our crazy funny, happy girl. I’m super blessed to be her mama. 

Papi & Isabella picnic
Sunday my mom and I took the kids to Melbourne, which is little over an hour away from us. We met up with some family friends for a picnic in the park. Knowing we’re spending a pretty good amount of time in the car going and coming back, I did my usual prepping the night before. It just makes our morning routine run so much smoother.

We arrived into Sebastian’s Inlet around 11am. Thankfully parking was fairly easy to navigate for a first time visitor.

The kids had a blast! There were quite a few activities to keep them busy from swimming to flying kites and a good sized pavilion for all of us to fit underneath comfortably. 

Hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! 


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