Isabella Frances: 16 Months!


This month Isabella’s language really exploded. It was like someone flipped a switch and this girl started to say new words practically daily. It’s awesome! She even talks in her sleep at night (mainly saying “miiiinne”). If she wakes up earlier than usual, she’ll sometimes hang out for a bit chatting to herself or her stuffed animals.

new words and phrases:

up! up!
“I got you/thissss!”
“I see you!”
“I knnnnow!”
Abuela (Grandma)
all done!

Within the last few days s he’s started to say “I don’t know” (but it sounds like one word)— she puts her hands up by her sides.

Isabella showing independence by trying to put on and take off her own shoes

She’s recently started trying to repeat little phrases of the songs she likes. She loves the song “if you’re happy and you know it.” She claps her little hands saying “clap clap, momma” and stomps her feet, it’s too cute. We do quite a bit of singing together.

Here are Isabella’s 16 month updates:

Isabella is about 29lbs and she’s wearing size 5 diapers.

Diet: Her appetite hasn’t decreased at all. She still loves to eat! She recently tried pasta for the first time and really liked it. Her favorites so far are cheese and spinach ravioli and mac and cheese.


Favorite Moments, Memories & Milestones:

She is very playful and mischievous. Always testing boundaries and playing little games with us.

When she wakes in the morning, she always says “hello” to Mickey, our dog.

Baby girl is learning her colors! At daycare they recently learned about primary colors: red, yellow and blue which I try to reinforce what she learns there during playtime at home. She loves saying yellow.

She still loves to dance. When the music comes on its dancing time!

She likes to put laundry into the laundry basket and put things in the garbage…sometimes she tries to take things out of the garbage can.Whenever she throws anything in the garbage, she says “good girl” and claps for herself.

She’s been a total daddy’s girl for the last few weeks. Everything is “daaada dada dada.”

She knows most of her body parts and points to them when we ask on her (in both English and Spanish). She likes to put her finger up her nose…and mine. Laughs really hard when she does it. It kind of weird, but cute at the same time.

Hope you all had a great week so far. Have a wonderful Thursday and thanks for reading!


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