Isabella Frances: 13+ 14 Month Updates

Our sweet baby Isabella is growing into a big girl right before our eyes. Some of the things she’s doing and saying lately are just mind blowing. Yup, my baby is growing up!

We see more of her personality emerging with each week that passes. There are so many adorable and a few insanely funny things she does, it’s impossible to keep track of them all. We’ve also noticed how quickly she picks up on things and most recently, she’s become our little parrot because she repeats almost EVERYTHING we say and mimics our mannerisms too. The other night hubby comes home from work and as I hear the front door open I tell Isa “on the count of 3 when daddy opens the bedroom door we’re going to yell da-da”. We hear the footsteps, I start counting 1…2…the door opens as I say 3 and she adorably yells “Da-Da”. It was the cutest thing ever, just thinking about it brings a huge smile to my face. She’s a curious little girl, loves to explore new things and she does get frustrated when she can’t figure something out- but she’s all smiles and giggles once she does. Speaking of giggles, I love the sound of her laughter! Thankfully, she’s been laughing quite a bit and she’s far more affectionate these days, blowing us kisses and lots of hugs.

Isabella’s updates:

 Isabella is about 32 inches tall and about 31 lbs. She’s thinned out a little now that she’s walking everywhere, but she still has her precious baby rolls!

Health: We’ve gone through a few little sniffles here and there when, but nothing major. She also sprouted three new teeth a week after she turned 13 months and thankfully, she wasn’t in too much discomfort.

Sleep: Isabella consistently sleeps from about 9-9:30pm through 7:30-8 am. It kind of varies. We’re also working on transitioning her back to her nursery at nights. For the past few months she’s been sleeping in her pack-n-play next to our bed and we’ve had a few nights recently where she’ll hop into bed with us. She still wakes once or twice during the night, but she usually falls right back to sleep after she gets her “bo-bo”.

Social: She’s fully transitioned into the 1-2 year old classroom at daycare and she’s doing great! She’s adjusted very well to the new schedule which includes breakfast at 8:15am and outside play (weather permitting) followed by a day for about 30 minutes each.

Diet: Isa loves to eat! So far, we haven’t seen a food she didn’t like. With her being so enthusiastic about food comes some hysterics when hunger hits, it’s like you can’t get the food in her mouth fast enough. I’m actually very grateful she’s so “serious about her meals”. I’ve heard from other moms a lot of babies start to become more picky and eat less as they age.

Last month we began introducing milk into her diet. We initially started her on 2% cow’s milk right around 12 months, but quickly realized she was showing signs of allergies and we went back to basics, bland foods and formula. At 13 months we started using the Lactaid brand of lactose-free whole milk and she hasn’t had any tummy issues since. Isa gets roughly 15 ounces per day. We still do a warm 4-5 ounce bottle of Enfagrow Stage 2 Toddler Transitions (gentlease) formula in the morning as she wakes up and another warm 6-8 ounce bottle at bedtime. The rest of the milk she has during the day is cold from a sippy cup.

Likes: Walking is her biggest like right now…she hardly ever crawls anymore! She’s also loves to pull bows out of her hair, points at everything, saying “gooo” or “sit” she loves telling the dog to sit down. She likes pushing things to slide along the floor, playing peek-a-boo with anything she can use to cover her face or hide behind and pop up like a little gofer.
Dislikes: Hair bows and hair ties! Combing her hair these days isn’t as bad as it was in months past, but she’s by no means a fan of having it done especially when I put her hair in a ponytail with a hair tie or add a bow to her curly little fro. Aside from having her hair combed, she’s also dislikes waiting for her food. It’s like you can’t move fast enough, she wants it like yesterday!

Clothes: Isabella still wears size 4 diapers and mostly 24 months, even some 2T clothes. There are a few 18-24 month onsies she can still fit into comfortably, but she mostly wears those as a bottom layer during cold weather or to bed under her pajamas.
Crying: The tantrums have become a little more frequent usually when she’s either hungry or fighting her sleep. As long as we continue to stay firm with her and redirect, the tears eventually end. She still tests our boundaries (touch things on purpose she knows she’s not supposed to, watching to see our reaction when she does, etc), but I noticed once I start give her a directive and I start counting 1…2…by the time I get to 2, she’s already making tracks coming towards me.
Milestones: Mostly we are seeing a huge increase in her receptive language— pointing to the right animal when we ask. When I ask “what does the duck say?” she says “quack quack.” She’s also following commands correctly, recognizing words and phrases we say and acting upon them (ie: when we say “lets go outside” she will follow us or go get her hat or shoes). When we sing “if you’re happy and you know it” she claps and stomps her feet at the right part of the song. She’s also very talkative lately with more and more recognizable words. She is truly a little person now who can understand so much, it’s awesome!

Thank you for reading and have a great Monday!

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