Make Up Bag Essentials

Happy Monday folks! I Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend as much as I did. The last week was filled with celebrations, family gatherings along with a strong desire to look my best in all settings.

Part of my “getting-ready” routine includes dropping the essential makeup items into my purse in case I need to retouch at some point. I figured I’m not the only girl that does this, but it inspired this post. With the biggest party day of the year just a few days away, having the right products on hand is crucial to looking your best in all your New Year’s Eve party pics. Here are your essential items, perfectly sized to fit in the smallest of clutches.


Powder Foundation: Because of the humidity here in Florida, I typically use a mineral foundation. I find it‘s better for minimizing shine and creating a matte finish. It also has a much longer shelf life after opening at about 2 years and the product goes a lot farther. I’ll restock maybe three times for the year and that’s with daily use. With liquid foundation, I’m restocking every 2-3 months.

3-in-1 Palette: I love all-in-one products. My fave cheek palette this holiday season is from the NARS Steve Klein Collaboration featuring 4 gorgeous shades of blush, a contouring duo, and bronzer. This one palette does so much and easily takes a day look into night all year-round.

Eyeshadow: The most vital part of your eye-makeup and there are tons of options in stores it can be a little overwhelming choosing the right ones for us and our budgets. I prefer to invest in a good eyeshadow palette because it gives me a few color options all in one instead of me trying to cram a bunch of single shades in my make up bag.

Gel Eyeliner: I’m not the best when it comes to applying eyeliner. I love the look of liquid liner, but I don’t have the steady hand needed for that perfect cat eye. I randomly tried e.l.f’s cream eyeliner one day and I immediately fell in love. It’s really the foolproof way to wear liner. It goes on much easier than I expected. I can apply with the control and precision of a pencil liner and best of all, it has the staying power of a liquid liner.

Lipstick: It’s a necessity for every woman’s makeup bag. I always keep a nude gloss and a more bold color such as bright red or a dark berry lipstick just in case. Apply a primer first before your liner and lip shade for lasting wear.

Eyebrows: The anchors to our faces, all the more reason to make sure your brows are on point! I really like Rimel Professional Eyebrow Pencil that has a mini brush on one end.

The Tools


Tweezers: Need I say more?! These are a life saver if you ever need to pluck that oh-so random eyebrow hair that’s always uncooperative or pull out a splinter. I really like these from Ulta because they also came with a brow spoolie making brow grooming on-the-go more convenient.

Mini Brush Set: Brushes are an absolute must for makeup application! Let’s face it, using your fingers isn’t exactly sanitary. Investing in a good mini brush set will save your skin from breakouts.

Wipes:  You never know when you’ll need to either change your look, or remove your makeup and start over, so it’s always a good idea to have some wipes stored in your makeup bag. Things like sweat and rain can cause makeup to smudge. If you have sensitive skin like me, I recommend trying these, not only do they take off make, oil and dirt easily, but they’re gentle on the skin leaving it feeling clean and moisturized.

What are your essential makeup items?



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