Isabella Frances: 11 Months Old!

Only four more weeks until Isabella turns one whole year. Hubs and I are still in disbelief with how fast time has gone by. This past month has been one of the most exciting for hubs and I as we watch our beautiful baby girl achieve new milestones! She’s  officially walking…and chatting up a storm! She’s really growing into her own, showing lots of independence. Our sweet baby is developing into a big girl and lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not ready.

Isabella is walking pretty regularly though it seems like she prefers to crawl when she’s trying to make a speedy getaway. I can see she’s gaining more and more confidence each day as she finds her balance. It’s amazing hearing the pitter-patter of her little feet down the hallway. Now that she’s more mobile than ever, there are more opportunities for accidents. The day before Halloween baby girl took a tumble at daycare resulting in a nice little gash above her right eyebrow.


Our little injured butterfly after her visit with the doctor

Thankfully it wasn’t more serious. Her pediatrician was able to use Dermabond to close the wound all while fast asleep in her car seat. Not even two weeks later she had another fall at daycare, not nearly as bad as the last, but she had a little bruise on her right cheek. Is it bad that I wish I could wrap her in bubble wrap?! Hubs and I were in awe of how tough Isabella is. She doesn’t let her recent falls hinder her from exploring all that is around her. Now for some updates.

Here are Isabella’s 11 month updates:

Weight: At a recent appointment with her pediatrician, Isabella was just shy of 28 lbs. She’s in the 99% for her height and weight.

Diet: This month we’ve been slowly introducing table food and just like we expected, she’s responded really well! She’s still getting a 4 ounce bottle of formula for breakfast along with 2-2.5 ounces of a fruit purée mixed with cereal. For lunch she’s now eating more table foods: she loves rice, fruits and steamed veggies like carrots and green beans, peaches and pears. We haven’t given her any meat or fish. She’s definitely let us know she’s not a fan of green peas. Her dinner still consists of stage 2 baby foods like turkey and rice or even vegetable chicken.


Sleep: Lately we’ve been experiencing a little bout with sleep regression. Isabella doesn’t want to sleep in her crib at night. Within the last month I think she’s only slept in her nursery once maybe twice. Most nights she sleeps in our room in her pack-n-play. We’ve tried putting her in the crib after she falls asleep and she always wakes up wanting to come back to us. Have any other moms experience this? If so, what do you suggest we try?

Social: Isabella interacts really well with the other babies in her daycare class, but she also plays really well by herself. There are 2 other babies that are right around her age, one of which will make the transition with her to the next class. It’s so adorable watching the 3 of them talk and play together.

Crying: I think we’re officially experiencing tantrums. Isabella rarely cries without reason (sick, hurt, etc), but lately she’s not only crying, she’s screaming and out right throwing herself down on the floor in tears if she doesn’t get her way. The first couple of times she did it I couldn’t help but look at her saying “are you serious”?! I swear I thought I had at least another year or so before crossing the threshold into tantrum land.

Size of Clothing: Surprisingly Isa is still wearing size 4 diapers and wearing 18-24 month clothes for the most part. There are a few 9-12 month sized onesies with maybe a handful of 12month sized dresses and pants that she can still wear comfortably.


All dressed up for picture day!


As for shoes, she’s wearing a size 5. Figuring out her shoe size was mind boggling for me, maybe because she was outgrowing sizes so ridiculously fast I honestly couldn’t keep up. I’d buy shoes for her and by the month’s end she’s already outgrown them.

Isabella’s Toy Faves

| (clockwise) Octoplush |  Maze Cube |   Shapes & Colors Activity Set |

Milestones: Baby girl is walking pretty regularly. If she stumbles or falls, she picks herself back up and keeps it moving.

She babbles saying more and more recognizable words and phrases. I recently heard her telling our dog to sit down. Cutest thing ever as she’s standing in her pack-n-play pointing saying “sit dog! Sit down doggie”. She also calls my phone “Apple”…didn’t see that coming.

Likes: Isabella still LOVES to dance! It’s the cutest thing watching her dance to music she hears from the TV. Mickey Mouse Club house and Sofia the First seem to be her faves. She still really enjoys bath time in her infant tubDislikes: Combing Isabella’s hair isn’t as difficult of a process as it used to thanks to lots of detangling conditioner and more patience. Though she’s grown more used to me doing it each morning, she still doesn’t like it.


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