Isabella Frances is 10 Months!

Woo-hoo! Isa has officially made it to double digits…just two more months until this little girl is one year old. I swear, it feels like once you become a parent the world runs in “fast-forward”.

Isabella has really grown into her own. Her amazing personality shows more and more each day. I still can’t believe how blessed we are to be parents to such a sweet baby girl. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never have the words to describe how much I truly love and adore my little girl. The first time I heard her say “mama” I cried tears of joy. She’s now at an age where she’s so much more affectionate. Her daily hugs are my faves. Almost every visit at daycare she greets me with a big smile and a giggle.

Here are Isabella’s 10 month updates:

Weight: Isa weighs close to 27 lbs now. Based on her last doctor visit she’s in the 99% for her height and weight. 

Diet: For breakfast I usually give her a 4 ounce bottle with no more than 2.5 ounces of a fruit purée mixed with cereal. For lunch she’ll have puréed veggies with a 4 ounce bottle and dinner usually consists of a protein and veggie, like turkey and rice.

Sleep: Isabella is a great sleeper, which is why we knew something was wrong when started waking up in the middle of the night. Poor baby is teething and this time around is not pretty. There have been quite a few nights over the last three weeks were Isa woke up in the middle of the night,sat up crying athe top of her lungs in discomfort. On Monday I brought her home early from daycare because she was running a low grade  fever. Needless to say, sleep is almost nonexistent. I’ve Ben trying to hold off on using any medicine or any of the gels. Then again once isa has a wake up, once we put her in our bed she goes right back to sleep. What have you moms tried to soothe your own little ones during teething?

Social: I love watching Isa interact with the other babies in her daycare class. Now that she’s one of the oldest (and biggest), the other babies aren’t stealing toys from her anymore! Something I recently noticed, Isabella has been a little leery of strangers. If she sees an unfamiliar face appears at daycare (usually one of the newer parents) comes into the room she goes for the nearest adult she recognizes and hides her face, even cries sometimes. Total “stranger danger” moments, but I am thankful that she won’t go to just anyone. I know this is a phase babies go through around this age, so we’re confident it’ll pass with time.

Crying: Lots of whining going on these past few weeks  and we think its due in part to her teething. Her top 2 front teeth are coming down and baby girl is feeling it a lot more now than she did with the bottom 2 teeth.

Size of Clothing: Baby girl is still wearing size 4 diapers and mostly wearing 18 month clothes. There is a  9-12 month sized dress or two and maybe three onesies that she can still fit in, but she’s mostly wearing her 18 month sized outfits. Now that I think about it, she’s already starting to outgrow a few of those too. 


| Teething Duck | Backseat Mirror |

Milestones: October 8th baby girl shocked me by taking her first steps at daycare, which was so exciting to see (check out the video here). It’s amazing to see each new milestone baby girl achieves! Isabella crawls all over the place like she’s on a mission.  She’s great at pulling herself up to a standing position now and there have been  A few times where she’s tron. She also plops herself down from a standing position to crawl. She looks for things she see me hide, like the remote control, my phone, etc.

Baby girl is still babbling saying more and more recognizable words in between. She’s recently added “mama” to her vocabulary along with más, ba-ba, cat, que?, and lately she’s been trying really hard to say “abuela” (Spanish for grandma).

Likes: Isabella LOVES to dance more than anything! Once she hears music her arms go up in the air and she starts bouncing. While I was pregnant I would always play music and I sang to her every chance I had. Looking back, those were the moments I would feel the most movement from her. She enjoys bath time in her infant tub or bath chair.  Dislikes: She HATES having her hair combed and she still fusses when she realizes her bottle is empty.


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