Isabella Frances: 9 Months Old!

So much has changed in the last month. Just a few days after I posted Isabella’s 8 month update, she surprised us by taking her first steps at daycare with the help of her walking toy. Thankfully I was able to catch the moment on camera. Now that she’s super active, its like a whole new world for her.

Dropping her off at daycare has become…interesting, to say the very least. These days I feel more like a ninja trying to sneak out of the room without her seeing me. On my daily visits to her infant room, I sometimes watch her through the glass door as she crawls from one place to another, laughing and playing, pulling up on everything.

Isabella is also communicating a lot more. She still babbles, but she’s added a few new words to her vocabulary: quack, clap, ba-ba (her bottle), da-da, más (means more in Spanish and she signs it too), ¿que? (means what in Spanish) and just a few days ago she said “mama” for the first time. Hearing her call for me nearly brought tears to my eyes. We’re also noticing Isa can be very demanding, especially when food is involved. She sometime bangs on her highchair tray to let us know she’s hungry or wants more food.

Here are Isabella’s 9 month updates:

Weight: I’m guessing Isa weighs close to 25 lbs now.

Diet: Thankfully Isabella is a great eater. She likes just about anything. As far as fruits go, she likes apples, bananas, peaches, pears, and mangoes. The veggies she likes: zucchini, corn, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and sweet peas mixed with cereal.

Sleep: Isabella still sleeps about 7-10 hours a night. She’s not waking up in the middle of the night nearly as much as she used to. Usually its just a matter of putting her paci back in and she’s good.

Social: She continues going to daycare about five days a week. She’s at the age now where she really enjoys playing with the other babies and engaging in activities led by her caretakers. And…baby girl is a dancer! I mean this little girl dances on queue and has pretty good rhythm. Once she hears music she’s dancing. With that being said, I’m

Crying: Or should I say whining?! Lately Isabella has been whining a lot and we’re thinking this is due to teething. The whining is eventually turns into crying, especially if it’s around feeding time. She sometimes cries when I leave her at daycare, making drop off time a little more difficult. At home, she even cries when we walk out of the room and she can’t see us.

Isabella crying for bread during dinner outing

Size of Clothing: Baby girl is wearing size 4 diapers and mostly wearing 12 month clothes. There are a couple 9 month sized dresses that she wears as tunics or tops with leggings.

Loves: Here are a few of Isabella’s favorite toys!

| Baby Bouncer | Learning Walker |

Milestones: It’s amazing to see each new milestone baby girl achieves! She crawls all over the place and pulls herself up to a standing position and takes a few steps while holding on. She also plops herself down from a standing position to crawl. She looks for things she see me hide, like the remote control, my phone, etc.

Baby girl is still babbling saying more and more recognizable words in between. She’s recently added “mama” to her vocabulary along with más, ba-ba, cat, que?, and lately she’s been trying really hard to say “abuela” (Spanish for grandma).

Likes: Isabella LOVES to dance more than anything! Once she hears music her arms go up in the air and she starts bouncing. While I was pregnant I would always play music and I sang to her every chance I had. Looking back, those were the moments I would feel the most movement from her. She enjoys bath time in her infant tub or bath chair.  Dislikes: She HATES having her hair combed and she still fusses when she realizes her bottle is empty.


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