Isabella Frances: 7 Months Old!

I’m so excited to share Isabella’s 7 month updates. Baby girl sits perfectly on her own. She’s even started to pull up on things (usually her crib bumper or one of us) for support as she tries to stand. She can go from sitting to push-up position fully supporting all of her entire weight on her hands and tippy toes before putting her knees down to crawl. Sometimes when she gets tired, she just plops down on her belly and kicks her feet. Everyone I know with kids from relatives and friends to coworkers, tell me to enjoy these last moments of her non-mobile stage because things start to get crazy once babies can move and by the look of things, Isa will be walking pretty soon.

Which brings us to the inevitable stage of child-proofing! Honestly, I’m dreading child-proofing our home. Though I do like our little house, I wish we had more space (way more storage) and a more traditional layout now that we have a baby. If you have any child-proofing tips or product recommendations, I’m all ears!

In other news, baby girl has earrings!!! This was a really big deal for us. We wanted to get Isa’s ears pierced, but weren’t exactly sure when to get it done or whom to go to. It was during her 6 month shots when I learned our pediatrician is able to pierce her ears right in the office. How awesome is that?! The piercing process took maybe a few seconds and the earrings he provided were precious little 14K gold studs. Dr. J told us to turn each earring twice a day using alcohol or peroxide for cleaning. He also advised us to keep the earrings in for at least a month before changing them.

Lately I’ve been super exhausted by the time I get home from work. The moment I sit down, I can barely keep my eyes open. The past 2 weeks I’ve just been operating on autopilot. I think my “go go go” lifestyle has finally caught up to me and I’m feeling burned out. I sometimes wish I only worked part-time so I could have more time with Isa and get a little break from juggling a 40+ hour work week and daycare pickups/drop offs, the 500 loads of laundry that needs done, grocery shopping, errand running, house cleaning…my eye is twitching just thinking about it all. I probably should at least try to get some extra rest by taking naps with her on my days off, but I always struggle with those feelings of guilt for giving into laziness and not being productive. Though I think(?!) I’ve adjusted really well to being at work, I have constant mommy guilt. I still cry after dropping Isabella at daycare out of mere frustration that I spend more time away from her than I actually spend with her. The only thing that keeps me sane are the few minutes I get to spend with her on my breaks during my workday. Granted, I’m thankful to have a job I actually enjoy and work within walking distance of her daycare. I know that’s not a reality for most working parents, but I never expected I would miss my baby girl so much when I’m not with her. Knowing that she’s still so young, young enough that she doesn’t realize how much mommy and daddy are working does give me some peace of mind.

Here are Isabella’s 7 month updates:

Weight: Isa weighs just about 22 lbs now!

Diet: After an episode of “bad bubbly tummy” during a recent trip out-of-town, we introduced Isa to puree bananas. We figured trying a more organic approach to solid foods might alleviate some of her tummy issues and so far so good. She usually gets about 2 ounces as a snack in the afternoon. She also gets another 2 ounces of butternut squash and 5-6 ounces of formula for dinner.

Sleep: Thankfully Isabella sleeps about 7-10 hours a night with a few wake-ups here and there. She still isn’t napping as much at daycare which allows her get a more restful sleep during the night.

Social: She continues going to daycare five days a week. Any weeks that I work a Saturday or Sunday I  get a week day off, she’ll stay home with me. Now that she’s staying awake for longer periods throughout the day, she’s spending more time engaging in activities and interacting with the other babies.

Crying: Unless it’s in direct relation to food, her bo-bo (pacifier) or a dirty diaper, Isa really doesn’t cry much, which is a real blessing. Even throughout all her vaccines, teething and the piercing of her ears, she cried in the moment and that was it.

Size of Clothing: Baby girl is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly wearing 9 month clothes. There are a few 6-9 months sized outfits that she’s can still fit into, but those are all dresses that she now wears as tunics or tops with leggings.

Loves: Here are a few of Isabella’s faves lately!

Giraffe Teether | Baby Einstein Jumper | Polka Dot Play Yard |

Milestones: Its truly amazing to see each new milestone Isabella achieves! She rolls over and flips herself around. She’s sitting up unassisted and stands and takes steps with some support.

Baby girl is still babbling saying a few recognizable words in between. She’s recently added “da-da and daddy” to her vocabulary along with “ma, ok, hi, titi, and hey”.
Likes: Isabella enjoys being read to. I try to read to her as often as I can, usually right before her afternoon nap. She still loves being tickled or kissed on her belly, hands and feet. She loves toys that have a rustling or crinkling sound. She enjoys bath time in her infant tub or bath chair.  Dislikes: She still fusses when she realizes her bottle is empty.

Baby Isa’s such a sweet blessing to us! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Sunday:.)


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