Isabella Frances: Six Months Old!

My sweet baby girl is officially six months old! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. It’s crazy how quickly time passes once you have a baby! Though my work-week seems to move at a slower pace, I attribute that to my feelings of anxiousness – counting down the hours/minutes before I can pick her up from daycare and take her home. I miss her so much throughout my workday.

Before I get to the update, I want to apologize for my lack of blogging. Adding “working new mom” to my resume has slightly affected my time management skills…ok, majorly affected my time management skills. Most days I feel like I’m just barely hanging onto this tornado of business, by the end of the day, I’m beat. Every time I’m out and about running errands I think of things I want to post about or posts I’ve started, but haven’t quite finished; like how to pack for a trip to the beach with a baby, recent purchases, DIY projects I have worked on for the nursery, etc, I always get sidetracked doing one of the many chores around the house that needs to get done (usually laundry and cleaning) and spending as much time as possible with Isabella. With that being said, I’m doing my best to create more posts because there’s so much I want to share with you all.

I know I say this every month, but we’ve really seen a whirlwind of changes with Isabella and its so exciting to watch it all happen right before our eyes. We’re seeing more and more of her personality emerge each and every day. She’s babbling more than ever too! Lately she’s been screaming at the top of her voice. Sometimes she screams until she runs out of breath and does it a few more times until we call her name and she gives us that amazing smile of hers. She’s started to “reach out” when she wants to get picked up or held. She even leans over when she wants to go to someone else. Isabella is also sitting up completely on her own and standing with some support. She loves to hold our hands as she bounces up and down. It doesn’t seem like she’s too interested in crawling, but she does scoot backwards when she’s on her belly. I know this is just normal baby stuff, but it’s so amazing watching her grow!

Weight: I think baby girl weighs close to 20 lbs now, she’s really chucking up.

Diet: She’s mostly being bottle fed formula. And unfortunately only formula…and I’m super disappointed that can no longer give her breastmilk (update on pumping story coming soon)!  It was in last month’s update we started introducing solid foods with green beans being the first.  We quickly noticed they weren’t agreeing with her tummy. We decided to hold off on giving her any other green veggies for now and we’ll try again at seven or eight months. Isabella still loves her bananas. She gets about 2 oz as a snack with her afternoon bottle or dessert after her dinner feed. We’ve recently introduced Gerber Stage 1 carrots and this week, she’s getting butternut squash during her dinner feedings. So far she’s done well with the carrots and seems to really like the squash.

Sleep: She averages about 6-8 hours at night, but she still has wake-up in between. There were a few times in the last two weeks she slept 9-10 hours straight. She’s napping less at daycare and we’ve noticed the same at home. Baby girl is far more alert. She fights her sleep, like she doesn’t want to miss anything. She still naps on the car ride home but once we take off her shoes and unbuckle her car seat, those big eyes pop open and she’s ready for playtime.

Social: Isabella is still going to daycare five days a week. Now that she’s a little older, more alert and awake for longer periods throughout the day, she’s spending more time interacting with the other babies, but my sweet baby girl doesn’t seem to really like sharing. We’ll have to work on that…lol.

Local petting zoo comes to daycare…Isa enjoyed her time with her friends & the animals

Crying: Isa really doesn’t cry much, which is an absolute blessing. Unless it’s in direct relation to food, her bo-bo (pacifier) or a BM, she’s good. Even throughout teething, she didn’t really cry at all. Drooling, however, is a completely different story.


Size of Clothing: Baby girl has outgrown size 2 Pampers and is officially wearing size 3. She’s also outgrown pretty much all her 3-6 month sized clothes and mostly wearing 6 months. There are a few 9 months outfits that she’s wearing already, which is mind-blowing how fast she’s growing. I picked up a few new outfits for her during a recent trip to H&M. Isa recently received a few adorable outfits from one of my besties and my cousin from New York.

Loves:  Here are some of Isabella’s fave toys lately!

Plush Zebra  | Flower Night Light  | Plush Owl Book |

Milestones: Baby girl is developing so quickly and its so amazing to see each new milestone she achieves! Aside from sprouting 2 lil bottom teeth, Isabella sits up unassisted and stands with some support.

She loves babbling/screaming, just hearing her own voice I guess. She tries so hard to repeat what we say. Over he last week or so she’s been saying “tati”. We suspect it’s not long before she starts calling for her “papi” and talking up a storm…like her momma 🙂

Likes: She still enjoys tummy time, her boppy pillow, being tickled, kisses on her belly, hands and feet, looking in the mirror as I sing to her and dance, her swing. Dislikes: She still fusses a little when she realizes her bottle is empty.

Postpartum: I have good days and bad days. I’ll have a real update soon.

Baby Isa’s such a sweet blessing to us! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend:.)


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