Isabella Frances – Five Months Old!

Month four was full of changes for our baby girl. She’s been sleeping in her nursery for about a month now and it’s been working out really well. Initially, I intended to have her co-sleep in our bedroom for the first six months or so, but I realized that keeping her there was more for my benefit than hers. Since she’s sleeping pretty well through the night, there really isn’t a need to continue co-sleeping.

Fortunately, transitioning her to sleeping in her crib was better than I had expected, thanks to my mom’s suggestion of slowly introducing her to her new space. Once we had all the crib bedding (cozy sheets and a bumper with different fabrics and textures) and a comfy glider, she advised that I start having Isabella spend more time in her nursery, specifically her crib and the earlier the better. While home on maternity leave, I started putting Isa in her crib for play/tummy time and for her daytime naps. At first she would cry or just scream bloody murder each time I walked out of her line of sight. I just used our “znursery time” to fold laundry, continue decorating, even blog, as long as she could see me, she wouldn’t really cry. Continuing this routine over several weeks really helped make the nursery become more familiar to her and the full transition of her sleeping in her room was so much smoother.

Isabella is now sleeping on her stomach and she seems to sleep better when she does. Though I know she’s pretty strong, with great head control and she rolls herself over with ease, I can’t help that I get a little nervous when I see her sleeping on her stomach. I tend to roll her on her back if she’s not sleeping within arm’s reach of me.

We’re back to a few wake-ups during the night. The past two weeks or so, she’s been letting out a few cries, most times all it takes is going in, giving her back her beloved paci and she goes right back to sleep. If she’s fussy, I usually hold her and snuggle her for a bit before putting her back down. She sleeps from about 10-5:30/6am, including the few of those wake-ups. I’ve been told by several, to let her “cry it out”. Personally, I just can’t see how doing that is productive. To each, ts own, but in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning, letting her continue to cry isn’t exactly what we want to do. Thankfully, she’s able to self-soothe because she does change positions when she’s uncomfortable and put her paci back in, all on her own. Though we’ve had a little regression, I feel like we’re making progress in the sleep department.

Here are Isabella’s five month updates and photos:

Weight: Isabella weighs little over 16 lbs, so she’s doubled her birth weight.

Diet: We’ve recently introduced Gerber Stage 1 bananas and green beans during her feedings. She loved the bananas, which I figured she would because they’re sweet. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t eat the green beans at all since we started with a fruit. Surprisingly, she ate them without a problem.

Sleep: Aside from a few wake ups (and thankfully they’re not every night), she’s still sleeping about 6-8 hours. She’s napping less at daycare and spending more time partaking in activities. She usually naps on the car ride home and sometimes for another hour or so before I wake her for her last night bottle,bath and bedtime.

Social: And the babbling continues– we can even hear her on the monitor babbling and laughing to herself in her crib at night…it’s so adorable!

We also do quite a bit of playing and dancing together. She loves looking in the mirror whether it’s at herself, someone else or catching the reflection of the TV. I’ll stand in the mirror with her, sing her name and watch as she smiles and starts babbling back to me. As soon as I say “shake it up, now shake it down” she gets this huge smile on her face and starts cracking up laughing. She’s even dancing when I put her down on the changing table now. She’ll start kicking her legs and putting her arms up…she really cracks herself up and me as well.

Crying: Isa really doesn’t cry much, however she’s starting to teethe. I knew based on what other moms have shared about their own experiences with their little ones, teething would pretty much be the first major hurdle for us to get over. There are moments when she’s super fussy and screaming at the top of her lungs, I can tell she’s just so uncomfortable and in pain. What helped your little ones when they were teething?

Size of Clothing: Baby girl is slowly, but surely outgrowing size 2 diapers. I recently tried size 3 and they’re just a little too big now, but give her another 2-3 weeks and I think they’re fit her. 3-6 month sized clothing fit her perfectly, but I can already tell  in another week or so they’ll be too small. She’s already wearing some 6 month sized pieces. I guess this means I need to pick up a few new outfits for her.

Loves:  I’ll have her four month favorites post up soon!

Amazon Exersaucer  | Bumbo Floor Seat  | Nuby Baby Teether | Ladybug Pillow & Mat | Graco Travel System  | Snail Bouncer |

Milestones: I know I keep saying how quickly she’s developing, but it really is astonishing to see each and every new milestone she makes! She’s rolling both ways and even starting to sit up completely on her own. She’s babbling more than ever. I love how she makes these facial expressions as if we’re supposed to know what she’s saying…cutest thing ever!

Likes: Blowing on her belly, having her hands and feet kissed, looking in the mirror as I sing to her and dance, she still enjoys her swing, tummy time and her boppy pillow. Dislikes: She fusses a little when she realizes her bottle is empty.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!


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