First Mother’s Day

May is such a busy month for us—hubby’s birthday and Mother’s Day the very next day, followed by both of my nephews a week apart in the middle of the month and my dad, mother-in-law’s birthdays and Yésmond’s graduation all a day apart from each other at the month’s end. Lots going on throughout the month but it’s time well-spent with the family!

Saturday we celebrated Frank’s birthday with a trip to Canaveral Seashore. It was also Isabella’s first time to the beach. We had a blast! It was a beautiful day out— the sun shining with fluffy white clouds. We got to the beach around 3pm…my morning was filled with grocery shopping, on Mother’s Day, mind you!…bad planning on my part, so I’ll spare you the details. By the time I got home, it was after 1pm. Then came packing for a day at the beach…with an infant. Needless to say, I’ll be following this post with a beach trip packing list 🙂

The beach was a little busier than a typical weekend, but it was still perfect! Isa didn’t complain or cry not once. Even after we sat in the sand and let the water on the shore splash her feet. Because I was so paranoid about her getting sun-burnt, she spent most of the day sitting on my lap under a canopied chair. It was really amazing watching her head swivel in all directions taking in the scenery. Baby girl really seemed to enjoy herself.

Sunday morning I woke up early to catch up on cleaning and laundry. Later that morning our parents came over for brunch at our house. The day was really special for me and full of firsts. Not only was it my first Mother’s Day, but it was also the first time since the baby shower that our parents were together.  

Brunch was great! My mom took over the kitchen, which I can’t complain. I love her cooking. After eating we spent time catching up and we sang ‘happy birthday’ to hubs as he cut his cake. 

I had such an amazing first Mothers Day. God has truly blessed us by bringing Isabella into our lives. Spending quality time with the family is exactly the way I wanted to spend the day. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms and mommas-to-be. I hope you enjoy your special day and blessings through the week. 


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