Our Weekend + Recent Purchases

This weekend was full of car trips and errands. Our Saturday morning started bright and early with a trip to the dealership where I bought my car for a replacement key. Unfortunately, the last time I brought my car in for servicing one of the technicians broke the lock and auto-start buttons on my remote. Getting this key replaced was one large headache of a process (I’ll spare you the details of the horrible customer service), but let’s just say, I have no intentions of ever doing business with any David Maus dealership again!

Afterwards, we stopped by Babies R’ Us to pick up diapers and wipes for Isabella. I ended ordering a portable crib for our upcoming trip to North Carolina. My mom originally saw the crib on Target’s website for $99, so I was surprised when I saw it in BRU selling for $149. Thankfully, they did price match and waive the shipping fee.

I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to the grocery store before heading over to Marshall’s. I initially stopped by with the intention of buying some artwork for my living room walls and frames for Isabella’s nursery. I didn’t see anything that worked for either space, but I did find a few really adorable outfits for baby girl.




Hope your weekend was great!


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