Isabella is 3 Months Old!

I know I keep saying how quickly time is flying by, but it really IS and I can’t believe Isabella is 3 months! This past month was full of so many milestones and I’m truly astonished at how fast she’s growing and developing.

There are moments when I think she looks like a big girl and other times she looks tiny. She’s definitely put on weight. I love her little Buddah belly! I can see that her face has filled out too.

This past week I returned to work and Isabella started daycare full time, which has been a huge adjustment. Since daycare is within walking distance of my office, I do all the drop-offs and pickups. My work schedule has also changed slightly, requiring me to work until 9pm two nights a week. Thankfully, my mom can help by picking up Isabella from daycare and bringing her home to my husband those evenings I’m working late.

I’m slowly, but surely getting back into the swing of things at work. My first week back went pretty well, better than I expected. I worked my usual forty hours. I opted to work the entire weekend, so I took Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. Thankfully my bosses have been pretty understanding, easing me back into my position. It also helps that I’m given time to pump when needed while I’m at work. I do have to bring my pump with me everyday, but it’s the nature of the beast.

Here are Isabella’s three-month updates and photos:

I absolutely love her little feet…so adorable!

someone is getting sleepy

Weight: I’m guessing she weighs around 13-14lbs. At her last pediatrician appointment earlier this month she was just about 13lbs.

Diet: Isabella is still being bottle fed with formula since my breast milk production is still low, but it has gotten better within the last few weeks.

Sleep: She’s been sleeping 6-8 hours most nights. Since she started daycare her schedule shifted slightly. I pick her up around 6pm and give her a bath between 6:30 and 7pm. Since she’s been getting her bath a little earlier in the evening, she usually falls right sleep after her 9pm feeding. On occasion, I still may need to give her another bottle, but that usually happens around 4am. She’s still taking nap between bottles, but they usually last about an hour or so.

Social: Since Isabella has transitioned to daycare (rather smoothly, too), I’ve seen major changes. She’s chattering a lot! I love listening to her babble on and watch her use her hands as she’s trying to express herself…and her facial expressions are just too adorable for words!

Crying: Typically, she only cries if she is hungry or has a tummy ache (when she’s a little gassy). She still sheds a few tears after feedings as if she’s disappointed the bottle is empty.

Size of Clothing: She’s officially outgrown newborn sized diapers and clothes. She’s now wearing size 1 diapers and comfortably fitting into her 3 month sized clothing.

Loves:  I’ll have her three month favorites post up very soon!

Milestones: Month three has been so exciting and full of new developments! She has much better head control than she did at 2 months. She’s turning her head to look when her name is called and flashes that beautiful smile of hers. We’ve most recently started speaking to her in Spanish at home to reinforce what she’s hearing and learning at daycare. I’ve been looking for good children’s story books in Spanish to read to her during our quiet time together. She’s rolling from her tummy to her back and vice versa. She’s babbling, making little noises and lets out a big sigh afterwards, like she’s said a long sentence. Its so adorable. Watching her develop and discover new things these past few weeks has been truly amazing.

Likes: Isabella likes her swing, being tickled, tummy time and her Boppy pillow. She enjoys her nap time and our snuggles. She still LOVES being held especially when we walk around with her so she can look around at everything. Dislikes- when feeding time comes to an end and her bottle is empty. She still cries a little, but we’re now introducing oatmeal during feedings, so we’ll see if that helps at all.

Postpartum: I’m finally starting to feel like my “normal self”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still tired, some days I’m just flat-out exhausted but I think that’s more of a new mom thing. I’ve definitely had some bouts of anxiety during the last few weeks. I spoke with my PCP recently and she recommended someone for me to talk to. I’ve already met with her once and I can already feel a bit of a difference.


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