Isabella’s 2 Month Photos!

Before Isabella was born, I was already thinking about newborn photos. Of corse I turned to good ol’ Pinterest for some inspiration. With my due date having been Christmas Day, most of the local newborn photographers were booked solid straight through January. After Isabella was born the days following seemed to move at lightening speed. The holidays were in full swing and I still needed to recover from the episiotomy. Before I knew it, the month of January was coming to an end and February was fast approaching.
Thankfully the hospital photographer did come by and took a few shots of Isabella the day she was born, which hubs ordered. Since we were lucky enough to have those beautiful photos, I figured we can take more photos of her during one of her milestones. 
My friend Amanda, the same photographer that did my maternity photos seen here, offered to take some shots of Isabella. I thought that was so sweet of her! I’m SO elated with how the photos turned out! I’m glad we were able to do them on such short notice. I can’t wait to have them framed and create a gallery wall in our living area.


Here are the shots from our shoot:




I hope you liked Isabella’s photos. Amanda was ah-mazing…check out her website to view more of her work!


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