Isabella is 2 Months Old!

Time is passing by WAY too quickly and I’m honestly dreading going back to work. Though I enjoy my job, I’ve just gotten so used to waking up to baby Isabella’s sweet little face and spending my days with her…watching her grow and develop. She does something new everyday and I don’t want to miss anything.

It will be tough leaving her in just a few weeks when I head back to work. I’m going to miss feeding her, snuggling with her and that beautiful smile of hers. I’ve never really considered staying at home and don’t have any plans to…but spending this time at home with her has lead me to consider the option of staying home with her full-time.

Right now I’m just soaking up these precious moments with her and of course, taking pictures…lots of pictures. So far I’ve been taking a picture everyday of her and as her 1st birthday rolls around I’ll have these amazing shots showing how she’s grown over the past year. Great future gift opportunity there as well!

Here are Isabella’s two month updates and photos:

Health: Isa is doing great! Thankfully we haven’t had any major health scares or issues.

Weight: At her last pediatrician’s appointment when she had a cold, she weighed just over 10lbs 10oz!

Diet: Isabella is 100% bottle fed with Enfamil’s Gentalease formula since my breast milk production is low. I’ll be updating my breastfeeding story soon, but for now Isabella is exclusively getting formula, though I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to nurse her by the time I head back to work.

Sleep: So far she sleeps 5-6 hours most nights and has even slept 10 hours once. I try to keep her on a schedule similar to what she’ll have when she starts daycare with her last 2 feedings for the night being around 9pm and midnight. She usually naps between her bottles, sometimes it’s more like a cat-nap lasting 15-20 minutes and other times it’s 2-2.5 hours. Thankfully she sleeps pretty well overall because I know other moms that aren’t as lucky.


Social: Since Isabella is not done with her vaccinations, we try to limit the amount of people/places (especially being flu season) she is exposed to. For now it’s grandma and grandpa’s house and the occasional trip to the grocery store. I’m so looking forward to her playing with her 2 cousins. My brother has 2 boys, Landon 21 months and Jordan 8 months.

Crying: Typically, she only cries if she is hungry or has a tummy ache (when she’s a little gassy). She also sheds a few tears after she feeds. I hate when she cries, it breaks my heart especially when I know she’s already been fed and her diaper isn’t dirty.

Size of Clothing: I did get a few newborn sized clothes as gifts from my baby shower, which was a total blessing! Isabella has been wearing them and I’ve only picked up outfits for her to sleep in. This week I’ve noticed she’s starting to outgrow the NB size and fit better into her 0-3 sized outfits.



Love: You can check out my Two Month Favorites post here!

Milestones: Month two has been so amazing because it’s when Isabella started to really develop. She’s pretty alert overall. She has better head control. She’s already holding up her head when she’s on her stomach. She turns when she hears our voices, even flashes a smile when she sees us. She is also cooing all the time now. I’ve recently noticed that she stares at our mouths when we talk to her and tries to almost mimic our mouth movements and sounds. There have been a few moments where she’s opened up her mouth, as if she wanted to say something. She sucks on her hands or her two fingers (index and middle) sometimes and has scratched her face a few times (which is why I cover her hands).

Likes: Isabella likes her swing and her Boppy pillow. She likes naps especially on my chest and our snuggles. She LOVES being held and I can’t help from indulging her. Hubs says I’m spoiling her, but I just can’t help it. I’m sure other mommas can relate. She also enjoys baths in her little tub. It was tough the first few times, she cried something awful. Now she enjoys the water and sitting in her tub and splashing around. Dislikes- when the bath comes to an end. But she looks so darn cute in her bunny towel that it’s one of my favorite parts to wrap her in it!

Postpartum: I am feeling good now and pretty much back to normal. Of course I’m still tired, but that’s a new mom thing, not related to postpartum recovery. I definitely had some bouts of anxiety during the last few weeks but I feel like it’s getting better and better each day. I still worry about her health and overall wellness and happiness, but I think all new moms worry. I just try to remind myself to take it easy and to cherish every moment with her.


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