Our Weekend…

Though our little one was fighting a cold the past several days, she was absolutely the sweetest this weekend. I’m so happy she’s finally feeling better after spending the earlier part of the week coughing, sneezing overall feeling yucky…and pretty cranky.


Baby Isa and I on our way to run errands

Last weekend Frank and I bought a new sofa sectional that was finally delivered (late of course) Wednesday. We’ve been shopping around for a comfortable sofa for quite a few weeks when we found this one at American Signature. Earlier that afternoon my mom and I stopped by another furniture store to see their merchandise, hoping that I could find something that wasn’t at the top of my budget. I didn’t see anything I liked better than the sectional hubs and I initially found so I went back to the first store and saw the sofa was marked down $400 during their president’s sale.

I also had my first postpartum appointment with my OB since giving birth. All is well. The stitches from the episiotomy healed and I’m just a couple pounds above my pre-baby weight. I’m excited to be fitting in most of my regular clothes (and seeing my feet) again, but I still have every intention to gab a few new pieces before I head back to work in the next few weeks.

Speaking of heading back to work, I’m already starting to brace myself for that day I have to drop her off at daycare. I know I have to, but I don’t like it. Thankfully the daycare is within walking distance from my office so I can pop in when I miss her and for feedings.

I ordered a few items online for Isabella last week and they’ve finally arrived. I purchased a pair of thermal curtains for the nursery, a onesie perfect for sleep or play and this adorable pink romper she wore for Valentine’s Day. The teddy bear was a super cuddly gift to her from my brother. I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s weekend. Have a great rest of the week!


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