Two Month Faves

It’s hard to believe how quickly time is passing by. The other day I was going through my iPhone camera roll just marveling at how tiny Isabella was when she was born and today I look over to see my beautiful, growing girl. Below is a list of items I’ve been loving for Isabella lately…



Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Cradle Swing 

Now that Isabella is a little bigger and has better head control, we’ve been using her swing and she loves it! Whether she’s awake or sleeping (sometimes it rocks her to sleep). We’re only use it on the lowest speed so far. I love that I can put her in there and get things done around the house while she naps.

Dr. Brown’s Newborn Bottle Set

Isabella is having major gas issues, poor baby was severely constipated with terrible tummy aches. My mom suggested that I try these bottles. She picked up a set for me and so far they seem to really help. The bottles are designed to avoid nipple collapse so that the milk flows more like it would from the breast by eliminating air bubbles in milk and formula.

Carter’s Butterfly and Polka Dots Animal Travel Buddy Neck Roll

Isabella usually falls asleep in her car seat once the car starts moving. I wanted to get her a neck pillow to stop her head from bobbing. She definitely likes her neck roll, it’s soft and plush and seem more comfortable in her car seat.

Palmolive Ultra Baby Concentrate Dish Wash

I was looking for a soap for washing Isabella’s bottles. I wanted something that cleans milk residue and fragrance free. I’ve always liked the Palmolive brand, so I was happy to know they make a dish soap specific for my needs. This soap is awesome, rinses clean and feels gentle/doesn’t have a heavy scent.

All Baby Laundry Detergent Walmart 

This brand laundry detergent came highly recommended by a mom in my breastfeeding class. I’ve always preferred using Purex to wash the family’s laundry so I was a little hesitant trying something different. The All brand baby detergent really does work. It cleans clothes very well, it’s not heavily fragranced making it perfect for Isabella. I usually wash 2 small loads a week using about 2 soda caps full of detergent because her clothes dont get as dirty.

The First Years Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling

Originally I wasn’t going to buy a tub, thing I could just bathe her in the sink. Once I saw my mom bathing my nephew in his tub I totally changed my mind anymore, glad I did because Isabella loves her tub! She feels secure sitting in the mesh sling, which is also machine washable. Pampers Sensitive Wipes 

Finding a brand of diapers and wipes were things I started thinking about during my third trimester. There are so many brands to choose from with many different features, it’s overwhelming. Thankfully I received a case of these wipes for a baby shower gift and started using them once I brought Isa home. They’re hypoallergenic and perfume free making them gentle enough for my little one’s delicate skin.

MAM Start Size Newborn to 2 Months Pacifier

Specifically designed for newborns, this small, lightweight pacifier fits comfortably in her mouth. They come in a pack of 2 in a microwave safe reusable storage case for sterilizing pacifiers.



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