Isabella Frances Is 1 Month Old!

Time really does fly by when you have a newborn. I feel like it was just yesterday I was preparing for labor and delivery and now, here we are, 4 weeks later. Isabella is ONE month old today and I can hardly believe it’s gone by so quickly.

She’s such a sweet and loving baby–she truly is a blessing and having her has filled our lives with so much joy! Baby girl is still taking long naps. Not as long in duration as the first week or so after bringing her home. She’s also sleeping 4-5 hours most nights and doesn’t cry unless she’s hungry or has a tummy ache. She fusses more in the early morning hours but remains pretty calm throughout the day.

1 Month Milestones:
Gained a few more ounces since birth
Almost holding her head up on her own
Maintains eye contact
Looks for hubs and I when she hears our voices
Cooing and making an “ahh” sound when we appear or when she’s relaxed
Clasping little her hands together

Favorite Moments:
Bonding during feedings! I love locking eyes with her, it just melts my heart when her little hands grab my fingers.
Bath time fun. In the beginning it was somewhat tough but she’s now enjoying being in water and she’s discovered her toes!


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