38 & 39 WEEKS!

I decided to combine my 38 and 39 week updates so my next posting I can up to date! These days, my life pretty much consists of going to work (I’m still working full time), OB appointments and trying to get over this cold to have enough energy for labor and delivery. I have been feeling pretty exhausted most days after work so I try to take it easy when I’m at home.

Over the last week or so I’ve felt a sense of urgency and now that I know for sure that I’m being induced this Sunday, I feel more anticipation than anything. I honestly didn’t expect to get this close to her due date. I started repacking my hospital bag with the essentials and items I feel will be of a comfort to me during my hospital stay. Thankfully, we live a few short minutes from the hospital so hubs could always make a quick trip home to pick up anything additional. I’m also trying not to pack too much since I’ll probably be in one of those hospital gowns most of the time.

Speaking of those not cute and oh-so-awkward hospital gowns, I purchased a few new sleep shirts during a recent trip to Macy’s to wear pre/post baby.

Though I loved my Gilligan O’Malley sleep dresses I picked up from Target earlier in my pregnancy, they ended up falling apart after a few months of wear. Each night I slather on Bio Oil and Palmer’s Tummy Butter on my belly and wanted to wear stuff I already had instead of wearing nicer stuff.

As for my preggy update…

How far along? I’m exactly 39 weeks today..Woo Hoo!!!

Symptoms: I’m feeling tired, lots of pressure and experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions on a pretty regular basis. Though they don’t necessarily hurt, they’re definitely are uncomfortable. I’m also about 4cm dilated and scheduled to be induced this coming Sunday.

Sleep: Sleep was almost nonexistent this week. Between Isabella being really active at night and my nasal congestion, being able to sleep comfortably and throughout the night was nearly impossible.

Total weight gain/loss: So far I’ve gained a total of 27 lbs to date. My weight over the last 3-4 weeks has been fluctuating1-2 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Still rotating a few outfits. I’m just wanting to wear things that are comfortable. Never thought I’d say this, but remaining stylish has officially taken a backseat to comfort.

What I miss? Just being comfortable in general.

Movement: Baby is still pretty active. I love watching her little kicks and stretches.

Food cravings: Haven’t had any weird cravings this week.

What’s making me sick: Nothing this week.

Looking forward to: Getting through my last few weeks of pregnancy and finally holding baby girl in my arms.

Best moments this week: Realizing that we will meet our baby Isabella in just a few days!

Worst moment of the week: All is well! Nothing to complain about.

Thanks again for following along with me on my journey to mommy-hood. Baby Isabella will be here in just a few short days and of course, hubs and I truly can’t wait!



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