This past week has probably been the toughest of my entire pregnancy and I think my 1st trimester was pretty difficult with the constant morning sickness I had. Late Wednesday afternoon I started having hot flashes and cold chills with a slight fever. By Friday I had spotting, well it was a little more than spotting, but I’ll spare you the details. I immediately contacted my doctor who advised me to go straight to the hospital to get examined and followed with a call to hubs to let him know where to meet me.

Once at the hospital, they went through their checklist of questions. Of course there was some concern, especially since I slipped and fell 2 days earlier. My advise: Regardless of how insignificant moms-to-be may feel about your fall, go and get checked out. Better to go and hear that all is well with you and baby than it is to hear that a problem has now occurred.

Baby’s movements had been monitored along with both of our heart rates. As for the concern about the bleeding, a pelvic exam was administered. I will admit, I cried the entire exam because of the pain. It was at that point when I really appreciated my private doctor because he truly has the best bedside manner. It was determined that I wasn’t going into labor so I was released shortly afterwards.

Throughout following day I started to feel progressively worse and by Saturday night I was running a fever of 102-103 degrees. I went back to the hospital as instructed by my doctor. The treating physician ordered some blood work, monitored my temperature and noticed baby’s heart rate was pretty high, which is normal when mom is running a fever. Because I was also pretty dehydrated, I was given a couple of bags of IV fluids to help combat the fever and bring  baby’s high heart rate down. I also had a sonogram to make sure baby’s movements were good. Poor Isabella, with everything we were going through, by the time the nurse started the sonogram she was fast asleep and not wanting to take part in any of the tests at all. She eventually woke up and was able to get through her movement tests and within a few hours we were discharged. Pretty eventful weekend, huh?!

As for my preggy update…

How far along? 37 weeks (I’m actually 38 weeks today, ONLY 2 more weeks left!)

Symptoms: Still feeling abdominal pressure and having BH contractions almost daily. I’m also 2cm dilated, but I still have a ways to go before I officially go into labor.

Sleep: Sleep was almost nonexistent this week. Between Isabella being really active at night and my nasal congestion, being able to sleep comfortably and throughout the night was nearly impossible.

Total weight gain/loss: So far I’ve gained a total of 25 lbs to date.

Maternity clothes: Still rotating a few outfits. I’m just wanting to wear things that are comfortable. Never thought I’d say this, but remaining stylish has officially taken a backseat to comfort.

What I miss? Just being comfortable in general.

Movement: Baby is still pretty active. I love watching her little kicks when hubs and I talk to her.

Food cravings: Milk! I’ve never really been a big milk drinker, but I’ve been really craving it this week. My doctor discovered the craving was a result of a vitamin D deficiency.

What’s making me sick: Nothing this week.

Looking forward to: Getting through my last few weeks of pregnancy and finally holding baby girl in my arms.

Best moments this week: Hearing her heartbeat with the fetal monitor.

Worst moment of the week: Slipping and falling in the middle of the night. Thank God I didn’t strike or fall on my belly and baby is ok. Super scary, but extremely thankful that my little girl is OK.

Thanks again for following along with me on my journey to mommy-hood. Baby Isabella will be here in no time and I truly can’t wait!



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