34 Weeks…6 More To Go!

I had my 34 week appointment on Monday and baby Isabella and I are doing well. My doctor listened to her heartbeat and measured my belly to track her growth. Now that I’m in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I’ll be heading to my doctor each week up until delivery.

Over the last week or so I’ve experienced more Braxton Hicks contractions, which feels like a constricting or sudden tightening in my belly that lasts for a bit…and then a release. I’m also feeling more pressure in my lower abdomen (basically it makes me have to pee all the time), especially when I’m walking.

Hubs and I are continuing to focus on getting items checked off of our to-do list. My mom was nice enough to wash all the clothing I received as shower gifts, even organizing them by size. I also started getting items together for my hospital bag. A few days ago I finally purchased a diaper bag that I stumbled across during a trip to TJ Maxx. Though this Dooney &  Bourke bag isn’t specifically a diaper bag, as soon I laid eyes on it I fell in love and it would eventually transition into a great weekender bag.

I also decided I wanted to make a few changes to the nursery. I decided to change-up the color scheme and bedding. After taking a second look at the fabric swatches I got from Carousel Bedding, the Love Birds Crib Bedding started to grow on me.

I really like the different options for colors and the coordinating print patterns. The nursery still needs most of the artwork hung but that doesn’t take long at all and I’m still waiting for a few pieces to come in.  The nursery is looking great though so I know it will get done pretty soon.  I’ve also been ordering all the last items we need for baby online and those have been arriving at my doorstep.


How far along? 34 weeks (I’m actually 35 weeks today…5 weeks to go!)

Symptoms: Haven’t experienced heartburn in a few days :)…THANK GOD! Still feeling fatigued and occasional lower back discomfort at night. I also feel a lot more abdominal pressure and have BH contractions almost daily.

Sleep: Some nights are better than others. I will say it’s becoming harder to sleep next to hubs because he tosses and turns most nights…yes, he’s a bit of a bed hog and since we’re now about the same size our King sized bed seems a lot smaller.

Total weight gain/loss: I’ve gained a total of 23 lbs to date.

Maternity clothes: I’m really just rotating a few outfits–my faves being my many maxi dresses or skirts, a long sleeve tee, a fitted blazer or jacket and scarf now that the temperature has dipped most recently. It’s super comfortable, especially at this stage in my pregnancy where I feel like “not my best”. My weekend wear consists of either yoga pants or leggings and a sweater. I thought I’d really be into styling myself during pregnancy, but the truth is that it’s easier to just stick with the same outfits.  I think it will be fun to re-discover my closet when I go back to work after my maternity leave since I haven’t worn a lot of my clothes in so long.

What I miss? Just being comfortable in general.

Movement: Her kicks and pokes have become a little stronger. I’m assuming baby is running out of space.

Food cravings: Not very many cravings this week. I think I’m all ice creamed out 🙂

What’s making me sick: Not much.

Looking forward to: Getting through my last few weeks of pregnancy and finally holding baby girl in my arms.

Best moments this week: Hearing her heartbeat once again through the fetal monitor.

Worst moment of the week: Finding out I’m falling apart…I developed carpal tunnel in my left wrist, which I hear is pretty common and I also have an ear infection in my left ear 😦

Thanks again for following along with me on my journey to mommy-hood. Baby Isabella will be here in no time and I truly can’t wait!



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