FINALLY Back At Home!

Yay! We’re back in our house! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my parents and being at their house (the house I grew up in) still feels like home to me, but it also meant longer round trip commutes to work for hubs and I, as well as splitting up our family for a week: since my parents live in the neighboring county, they’re out of the school district for my step daughter, who stayed with my in laws while Mickey stayed with a co-worker that was nice enough to dog-sit.

Now that our floors are FINALLY done, hubs and I are tasked with putting everything back in its rightful place and focusing on getting the next 2 projects on our to-do list: finishing the nursery and our living room.

Since the nursery has already been painted and baseboards have been replaced (just need painting…maybe), we’re only needing to put the crib and the rest of the nursery furniture together; i.e. dresser, changing table and hang a mirror. As well as finishing my DIY art projects.

I can already tell one of the biggest challenges we’ll face is finding a room layout that we like. I stumbled across a few sites on Pinterest with layout ideas for nurseries. Wayfair has a few great layout examples depending on your needs and room’s function. Baby’s Dream is a virtual nursery planner that allows you to enter your room’s dimensions, pick out your furnishings and move them around until you find the room layout you like best. It’s simple to use and really helpful.

The nursery has a bit of a weird shape; the wall the door is on has some-what of a nook cut out with an adjacent window and a closet directly behind it. I’m not sure if I’d want the crib to go in the nook or place the crib on the adjacent wall with the dresser and changing table in the nook. For the rest of the week I’ll continue to play around with these room planning tools, hopefully I’ll find a solution to our layout dilemma.

Speaking of layout dilemma, finding a functional layout that works for our living room is proving to be one heck of a challenge. Unfortunately the room has an awkward shape, its like a 1950s version of an open concept floor plan and no defined entryway. We’re shopping for a new sofa, area rug and some type of storage solution for blankets. I’m thinking an upholstered ottoman might just do the job. We’re also wanting to repaint (the hallway too) a lighter hue to brighten up the room a bit.

Lots of projects going on simultaneously, but we’re doing everything we can to prepare our home for baby Isabella’s arrival. Hubs and I are so excited and looking forward to her arrival. Can’t wait to hold her in my arms! Until then…



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