24 Weeks!

Being just 3 short months away from my due date is both exciting and kind of surreal. There’s still so much hubby and I have to do to prepare, but we’re looking forward to finally holding baby in our arms.

I know I mentioned in earlier posts that hubs and I are working on refinishing the floors in our home. We spent the past week having a few flooring companies come out and give estimates for the work. I think we’ve pretty much decided on the company we’re going to move forward with, we now just need to choose a stain color.

How far along? 24 weeks

Symptoms: I’m peeing more often, it feels like very 15-30 minutes. I have some occasional soreness from sleeping on my left side and the pressure it puts on my back, hip and thighs.

Sleep: Still using my Snoogle and sleeping well most nights. I have some hip and lower back pain some nights/mornings from sleeping on my left side.

Total weight gain/loss: Haven’t gained (or lost) any other weight since my last posting.

Maternity clothes? Haven’t made any new clothing purchases this week, but my mom was kind enough to pick me up 2 new pairs of cute sandals and a comfy pair of nude ballet flats.

Movement: Baby is becoming more and more active as each day passes. I still feel most of the movements at night, but I do get a few kicks if I’m sitting too long.

Food cravings: Gummy Bears! I don’t know why, but they’re so yummy.

What’s making me sick: No feelings of sickness or queasiness this week.

Looking forward to: Still eager to see a 3D or 4D sonograms of Lil Bit’s face. I’m also looking forward to finally painting the nursery and just preparing for baby’s arrival in general.

Best moment this week: Feeling more movement, little karate kicks and all.

Worst moment of the week: I had Braxton Hix contractions during an office potluck, which sent me in a bit of a panic. Spicy chili and lack of staying hydrated were the contributing factors. I make doubly sure now that I’m getting all the fluids I need and I’ve stayed clear of spicy foods.

Thank you for reading and for all of my pregnant readers, please feel free to check in below as well and let me know how your pregnancy is going 🙂 I also welcome everyone’s advice and comments about pregnancy!


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