21 Weeks!

Now that I’m over the halfway mark, I’ve felt a sense of urgency, well, more like panic at times. Suddenly I started to think about all the things I have yet to do or buy. So I sat down and made a list of all the things hubs and I need to do before Lil Bit’s arrival (interview pediatricians, tour and pick daycare, paint and decorate nursery, figure out baptism details, book maternity and newborn shoot, take infant CPR classes…and the list goes on and on).

Though I know I still have time, I guess I was feeling almost unprepared. I must admit, making a task list with hubs did help to ease some of my anxiety.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had a sense of joy and an overwhelming sense of fear and detachment. I struggled with that mixture of feelings for a while and I find myself even on recent occasions telling myself “everything will be ok”. I just didn’t want to experience another loss.

Now that we know Lil Bit is healthy and developing beautifully, my fears are slowly subsiding. I realized I just need to focus on ordering the things I need. I’m also planning to make some of the artwork in the nursery myself, so be on the lookout for my DIY début posting.

How far along? 21 weeks.

Symptoms: Nothing has changed since last week.

Sleep: Some nights are better than others. There were a few times this week that I had pretty bad nightmares, which made getting a restful night’s sleep almost impossible.

Total weight gain/loss: So far I’ve gained a total of 12 lbs.

Maternity clothes: I finally returned the clothes from my previous purchases that were too small in exchange for the 2 more maxi dresses pictured below.

Cardigan:  Merona | Dress:  Mossimo | (old) Banana Republic; similar |  Watch: Nixon | Totebag: (old) Gap; similar

Cardigan:  (old) Express; similar | Dress:  Mossimo | Necklace:  Gift; similar |  Watch:  Michael Kors | Handbag: (old) Dooney & Bourke; similar

What I miss? Still miss sleeping on my stomach…comfortably.

Movement: Baby has been even more active during the day. I’ve felt more pokes and prods throughout the course of my work day.

Food cravings: Didn’t really have any food cravings this week.

What’s making me sick: Woohoo…no queasiness or sick feelings this week.

Looking forward to: Hubs and I are considering refinishing our floors before baby’s arrival. We’re also starting to get things in order for the nursery, which I’m super excited about. Nursery inspiration pics coming soon 🙂

Best moment this week: Feeling more movement, little karate kicks and all. I’ve even noticed them being strong enough to see through my clothes.

Worst moment of the week: No complaints, this week was pretty good.


Thank you for reading!


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