Our Weekend in Tampa

I love weekends (that I don’t work). I get to spend good ol’ quality time with hubs and the kids, which I absolutely cherish because of my busy work schedule.

Our weekend started on Friday, both hubs and I took the day off to drive over to Tampa. There we checked into our room at the Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina and met up with my parents, brother and his family.

After checking in and settling into our rooms, we ate lunch on property at Champions Grill. I had craved a burger and fries over the last few days, which I finally gave in and ordered just that. Soooo worth it because my meal was delicious!


Hubs spent the rest of the afternoon poolside with the kids, my mom and I enjoyed mani/pedis at the spa. After a quick bite for dinner we took a stroll across the marina. On the opposite end was this cute café serving gelato. Of course I couldn’t pass up desert. We made our way back to the hotel for a drink on the patio before calling it a night.

Saturday morning, I woke up to this view off of our balcony.

Hub’s cousin Rey met us at the hotel that morning. We all ate breakfast together at Cafe Waterside before heading to the Florida Aquarium for some family fun. The kids had a blast seeing different species of sea life, birds and reptiles. With it being the first day of shark week, they got a chance to catch glimpses of a few swimming by.

The moment that completely made my day was seeing my 15 month old nephew Landon, wave and blow kisses to the divers in the tank. His little eyes lit up when one of them came to the glass and waved back.

 Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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