Sweet Week 16!

Week 16 was pretty darn good! I wasn’t nearly as tired as I was last week, which allowed me to feel really productive both at work and at home.

How far along? 16 weeks.

Symptoms:  Because of the extreme heat, I’m always thirsty and I sometimes feel faint. I have to make sure I’m drinking enough liquids to say hydrated.

Sleep: This week I ordered my Snoogle and I can’t wait for it to arrive at my house. I, however, have this sneaking suspicion that hubs will want to sleep with it. Speaking of sleep, I’m actually considering getting a California king sized bed. As my tummy is growing, I’m noticing that his is growing as well.

Total weight gain/loss: So far I’ve gained a total of 9 lbs during my pregnancy.

Maternity clothes? This past week I picked up a few new bras and a pair of really comfy flat slip on shoes I can wear on casual days at work.

| Top:  J. Crew | Dress:  (old) Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent; similar | Necklace: Gift; similar | Shoes:  (old) Merona; similar | Watch: Nixon |

Best moment this week: Being able to head to a local water park with the family. Though I wasn’t able to take part in the rides or do any swimming (for obvious reasons) I still had such an awesome time!

Worst moment of the week: Getting a little sun-burnt on my shoulders and back 😦

What I miss? Same as the previous week.

Movement: Occasional “flutters” and “bubbles” in my tummy, but I’ve mostly been feeling bloating throughout the day.

Food cravings: Calzones! Don’t know what it is about them, but they’re pretty much my  obsession right now.

What’s making me sick: Not much was making me sick or queasy this week.

Have I started to show yet: Absolutely…my bump is no joke! I still get a kick out of seeing co-worker’s reaction when they realize I’m pregnant.

Gender prediction: We have officially found out our baby’s gender…WOO-HOO!!! We’re so excited, but we’ll be revealing the gender in a near future post.

Belly Button in or out? Its gone from a definite innie to almost a complete outtie.

Looking forward to: Hitting 20 weeks, picking a great name for our little one, starting to get things together for the nursery.

Thank you all for reading and for my pregnant readers, please feel free to share how your pregnancy is coming along 🙂 Let me know what’s working for you and I also welcome any advice!


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