1st Week of Being 30!

Hubs and I spent our Sunday morning  with my parents, my brother and baby Landon, my 11 month old nephew. We all went to Keke’s Breakfast Café in celebration of my birthday. My mom has talked about this place to hubs and I for the last few weeks and what better reason to go try the place out?! The food was really good and very filling, lemme tell you. I must warn you though, some of the portions are big. For example, Hubs ordered a side of bacon with his meal and out comes a plate with 4 slices, perfectly cooked. And then we have the pancakes and all their deliciousness. They’re just a little smaller than a dinner plate. I was barely able to finish one.


CRAY, I know! Overall, we had a really good time. What I enjoyed most was getting to spend time with my family,  which is super important to me especially during my birthday. Though we don’t live very far from each other, we all have weird work schedules which makes it really difficult to get together. Because of that, hubs and I try to have dinner with our  once a month.

After breakfast and we’ve all said our goodbyes, it was all about US reconnecting as a couple. SO EXCITED about this part! We went home and decided to head over to Blue Jacket Park near our home for some quality time with Mickey. He thoroughly enjoyed the car ride there. He loves to hang his whole body out of the window, like he’s leading the way. Since the weather the past few days had been on the yucky side, we definitely wanted to take advantage of the lack of rain. Side note: 4 people came up to hubs and I asking about Mickey’s breed, if he’s a husky…lol. My lil boy is definitely good-looking especially in his little blue hoodie my mother in law got him for his birthday last year. We stayed at the park for an hour or two before calling it quits. Though the sun was out, there was still a strong breeze making it on the cold side.

Since most of the afternoon had already passed and our tummies were starting to rumble, we decided to have an early dinner. Hubs planned for us to go to Texas de Brazil on I-Drive. I love their food! Being at a churrascaria is a definite nod to our honeymoon. Well planned by hubs. We got there around 5pm and there was already a 30-45 minute wait. We took a seat on this over sized upholstered bench, enjoyed a cocktail or two and each others company while waiting. I always enjoy getting out with my man and it totally felt like we were dating all over again 😉  I highly recommend trying a caipirinha. Its Brazil’s national drink and it’s seriously delicious (and strong, so be careful), as was our dinner once we got to our table and the first few meat options came around. The Brazilian flan is a must try! After dinner, we decided to call it a night. We knew the coming week was a busy one, making it an early night and getting possibly an extra hour or two of sleep is much appreciated.

My Monday was spent being productive. The first load of laundry went in before the sun was up and completely finished by 11:30am, along with the grocery shopping. I also gave the house a good deep cleaning starting with the kitchen and finishing with our bedroom. I ran a few quick errands before returning home and cooking dinner. Than came dishes. Shower. Bedtime.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by at lightening speed (or so it felt). I started my morning at about 5:15 making sure Yesmond was all packed up and ready for her dance competition, making sure she’s got snacks and her makeup is performance perfect. Not only does she have competition today and tomorrow, but she also has prom tonight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make her performance due to my work schedule.

I left my office around 6:30  and headed home to meet my friend Sash, who was kind enough to do Yesmond’s makeup for her prom. She did an awesome job, Yesmond absolutely LOVED her look! She and her friends looked amazing. Now that they’ve left the house, hubs and I cleaned up and are ready for bed. It’s been a long day and we’re both exhausted. Thank you all for reading & have a wonderful night!




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