Shopping + Sweet Treats = My 30th Birthday

It’s 12:42 am, which means my 30th birthday is officially over, and it was pretty awesome!

My day actually started at 6AM with a sweet goodbye kiss from hubs as he was leaving for work. I did go into the office for a couple of hours of overtime and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. My coworkers decorated my desk with streamers, flowers and they even got me the prettiest cake that tasted AH-MAZING!

I then headed over to my friend, Stacy’s house to hang out with her and her adorable Chihuahuas before meeting up with another friend of mine Sash for a day of sweet treats and shopping. We ended up heading over to Nordstrom Rack. A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of pumps that I needed to return, instead, I ended up exchanging them for a pair of Jessica Simpson patent leather pumps…and I also purchased 3 other pairs of heels all for $133, which I was super excited about.

Since the rainy weather killed our beach plans, we ended up grabbing a quick bite for lunch and continued on with our shopping quest. We headed over to Old Navy, where I purchased a super cute denim jacket that I was slightly obsessed with. We then headed to my house so Mickey wouldn’t spend the whole day by himself and since the girls haven’t been over in a while, of course I wanted to take the opportunity to show them the recent changes hubs and I have made to the house. Immediately after walking into the house, I was greeted by the sweetest arrangement of pretty pink roses, cupcakes and lil romantic number hubs left for me.

After leaving my house, the girls and I made our way over to the Dr. Phillips area to visit my fave lady, The Dessert Lady. 2 words to describe her desserts: LIFE CHANGING! My fab faves are her Oreo Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake (best I’ve ever tasted) and after this visit, the Bourbon Pecan Pie and the Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake. I was first introduced to Patti, the owner, and her bakery back in 2012 when I was looking for a bridal shower venue. At the time the shop was right across the street from my ceremony/reception site. Patti and her team did an amazing job with my bridal shower, which is another reason why I’m such a huge fan and supporter. If you’re ever in the Orlando/Dr. Phillips area and you’ve got a sweet tooth, I encourage you to stop by and try one of her amazing desserts, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

My birthday ended at home with hubs. He got home around 11:30. I truly enjoyed spending time with my girls shopping and noshing on sweet treats, but I’m looking forward to my Sunday being spent connecting with my husband. Can’t wait to share the deets with you all.

Thank you again to everyone who left lovely comments and birthday wishes. All of your kind words are greatly appreciated ❤




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