Master Bedroom Overhaul

Hubs and I have been wanting to do something different to our bedroom for quite a while now, but we weren’t quite sure what exactly we wanted to do. Of course I had to consult the inspiration gods over at Pinterest for decorating ideas and that’s where I stumbled across Tempaper! Not gonna lie, my interest was peaked…self-adhesive wallpaper, tell me more. It just seemed like the perfect solution to my home decor dilemma. We’re still deciding if it’s best for us to invest in completely remodeling our existing home or just make basic repairs and eventually sell. In the meantime, it’s still our home and it needed to feel more “lived in” and inviting. Temporary wallpaper was a super budget friendly option for creating the perfect look for our bedroom. Now for the challenging part: finding a print or pattern that hubs and I would like.

For the next few weeks, I looked through several prints, patterns, designs and textures. Then I found this lattice beauty (pattern# #SW8EG5315). I was so excited that hubs really liked it. That pattern was 1 of only 3 that he liked from the 2 dozen I showed him. I stopped by my local Loews, Home Depot and Poe’s, unfortunately, none of the stores carried samples in stock. I ended up ordering it from Sherwin Williams at a pretty good price.

Friendly Note: As always when using wallpaper, don’t “guesstimate”. Purchase according to your room’s dimensions. It’ll definitely save you money and it’s best to have consistency with your rolls.

Here’s a few pictures of our journey to octagonal bliss 🙂

Since putting up the wallpaper, I’ve made a few other changes to our space. Initially I wanted to refinish our existing dresser and chest because they’re such great vintage pieces, but I’m too nervous about taking on a DIY refinishing job. I decided to leave the refinishing to a later date and a professional. For now, Ikea it is! We’ve since added this lingerie chest that I’m in love with, this wall mirror , cozy rug and a dresser for hubs. Last January, we purchased a bed frame, mattress and box-spring that we’re completely unhappy with. Needless to say, we’re on the hunt for a new bed.

Other recent additions:  |BlindsCurtainsBedding (that I’m going to change) | Closet OrganizerShoe Rack |Hamper | Top & Pant Hangers |

Here’s a few shots of our shopping expedition.

There are still a few pieces that I need to complete our space. I’m looking for a bench or a set of stools to go at the foot of the bed, a vanity light to go over the full length mirror and a nice piece of artwork and a decorative mirror to fill the empty wall spaces above the bed. Slowly but surely, we’re making progress in our bedroom (and the rest of the house too). Though I’m having a blast putting it together, I can’t wait for it to be completely done, especially our closet. I’m looking forward to having a clean and clutter free space.

I’m always looking for new places and of course my inquiring mind would like to know, where are your favorite places to shop for home goods and decor? Thanks again for reading 🙂


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