Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I’m so grateful for my 3-day weekend! Super grateful because I was starting to feel like I was falling behind on everything: work, home school…I was starting to feel like I just needed an extra day to kinda catch my breath. F and I spent our Friday with taking Bells on a school field trip to the Brevard Zoo. So much fun!!

This is definitely a Must See if you’re in the area. Brevard Zoo is only about an hour’s drive from Orlando and the weather was perfect on Friday. Not too humid..YAY!

First stop: Africa! We got chance to see the African Rhino taking a snooze and a very inquisitive Zebra. Isabella kept calling him Marty.


We also got a chance to visit a beautiful aviary and encounter some the most gorgeous birds.


Some of Our Faves:


How majestic of a creator is the American Bald Eagle? Fortunate enough to get to see them here at our local zoo.


Flamingos are also among my favorite birds to see. We came just in time to see them prancing around in unison. I also recommend stopping by the aquarium to check out the stingrays and some of the other spieces of local marine animals. If you’re visiting with little ones make your way over to the train station for a ride around the property, the kids petting zoo and rock playground!

Bells had a blast visiting the zoo with her class. The kiddos learned so much about the beautiful animals and the importance of conservation. How awesome is it that a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds are already learning about protecting our animals and their habitat. Pretty Epic!

All in all, awesome fun-filled weekend at the zoo. If you’re looking for an adventure and see some amazing animals, check out Brevard Zoo. You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s chat! How’d you spend your weekend?

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadillas

11 Insanely Easy Ways to Remix Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Saturday! I hope all of you had a wonderful (and delicious) Thanksgiving! This weekend has been pretty relaxing as I’m just greatful to have a few extra days off from work to spend with my loved ones. Instead of making a bee-line to the outlet malls and waiting in ridiculously long lines, we slept in and have been enjoying leftovers, movies and good ol’ football at home so far. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m sure I’m not the only one with a fridge of little food filled containers. What do we do with all of these leftovers though? Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional Thanksgiving food, but after 2 days, I’m kind of over it. There are a plethora of ways to remix your leftovers and I wmated to share some of my faves. Buen Provecho!

If you’ve already tried some of these and/or you’re looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen, I’d love to hear what you like to do with your leftovers! I truly hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading!

Isabella is 23 Months!

So much has happened over the last six months, I’m so excited to share some of the recent happenings and #toddlermilestones with all of you! In My last post (prior to my hiatus) our sweet baby girl, Isabella, had just turned 18 months and I remember being amazed then with how much she had grown.

When I look at her now, at almost 2 years old, I’m astonished by the level of independence she’s showing. She talks A LOT! She seems to have gotten the hang of forming more complex sentences and her “parroting” skills ( her ability to hear words and/or phrases and repeat it perfectly) are awe-inspiring, to say the very least. The phrase I hear most often these days is “Mama, let me do it!” I hear it when we’re getting dressed for school, mealtimes and last, but certainly not least, when she’s using her potty. She wants to do everything on her own. The good thing is she does ask for help if she needs it by simply saying “help me”!

Speaking of independence, both my husband and I attribute some of her advancements to her new school environment. Late August we enrolled Isabella into a private Montessori school. The decision to change our childcare provider was a fairly easy one to make, as we both wanted a learning environment that could meet her where she is with developmental appropriate activities and expectations in the classroom. Let me tell you, best decision EVER! Isabella is truly thriving: learning, growing and of course playing. We’ve seen such a boost in her confidence, though there are still occasions when she’s a little unsure of herself or somewhat hesitant to do something. I find those occasions are becoming fewer and far between as she’s “using her words” to tell us what she might be feeling or what it is that she wants, she usually just asks for help.

Favorite Moments, Memories & Milestones:

In July we took the kids to Disney Springs. We were so excited because it was our first time going together as a family. We loved watching the kids’ eyes light up as they looked around at all the different sights and hearing Isabella squeal with excitement each time she saw a character she recognized! We had such an awesome time, we’ve gone back 2-3 more times.



Isabella’s first day at her new school. OMG…Looking back, I still can’t believe I cried that much! Baby girl did too, which I had expected. Fortunately, those tears only lasted for a few short minutes after drop off in the mornings and she’s all smiles for the rest of the day! She adjusted extremely well.

Isabella’s first day at school

She’s has also made some great strides in the potty-training department…YAY! She’s using the potty pretty regularly both at home and at school. She’s even gone commando a few times with minimal accidents.

Mid September Isabella’s grandparents surprised her with this red Radio Flyer tricycle! So sweet of them 🙂  She loves riding around their house.

her first Radio Flyer


riding around in Grandma’s kitchen

Last month I posted on Instagram this adorable pic of the kids at Lukas Nursery in Oviedo.They loved the hayride around the beautifully decorated property, live music and the super fun scavenger hunt.

Isabella’s school also celebrated the season by hosting their Annual Harvest Festival. The kids looked so adorable during their Hat Parade for all the parents. Here are a  few pictures of her and her classmates.



“hand-on everybody”


Follow the leader for the Hat Parade


Thanks so much to each and every one of you who have read my blog and supported me throughout this amazing journey of motherhood. I’m forever grateful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


It’s been five long months since my last post and I couldn’t be happier to finally be back! Life has been busy, I’m sure its been the same for all of you. I was starting to feel confused about the direction my blog was headed and I needed to take a step back to focus on the message I wanted to send.

I enjoy writing posts that tell a story relevant to my family and my daily life. I LOVE writing about my beautiful baby girl and the many joys and challenges that come along with being a working mom and wife.

I learned so much from my blogging hiatus. There was no clear definition of purpose for this blog and I needed to do something about it! I decided to re-launch with better posts, better ideas, and most importantly….consistency! Now, I can’t promise there won’t be quiet moments, but I CAN promise that I won’t disappear for months on end again.

I’m looking forward to this journey of family, friends, and finding time for fabulous! Keep an eye out for website changes, fun updates and product reviews. So…I’M BAACK!

Isabella Frances is 18 Months + SoFL’s Flamingo Gardens

Isabella officially turned a year and a half on Wednesday #toddlermilestone! The saying is really true, time flies when you’re having fun! There have been a few moments most recently, where I catch myself looking at her in sheer amazement at how much she’s grown in the last few months. I guess I’m still in disbelief that Isabella is a toddler! In another six months she’ll be 2.  I. CAN’T!

I’m also noticing as she gets older, it’s nearly impossible to get photos of her (especially if you ask, she usually laughs and runs away) so I’m sharing photos from our weekend trip to Flamingo Gardens in south Florida as part of her 18 month update.

Isabella at Flamingo Gardens


We’re continuing to be blown away by the development of Isabella’s language skills. The girl can be a little chatterbox (wonder where she gets that from) at times. She’s already repeating little phrases and short sentences.

New Words & Phrases:

Please and Thank you

Let’s go bye-bye/outside!

Dame puño = fist bump

fix it!

milk (sounds more like mitz or miltz)

catch it!

ojos = eyes (she says them both)


la casa = house

we’re here!

where are you?



don’t cry (sounds like don’t kai)





car seat

seat belt


doggie foods

I’m sorry, mama

take/turn it off


She started to copy us when we sing songs—she will sing the same notes as us and it’s absolutely adorable. Her favorite songs are “if you’re happy and you know it, wheels on the bus, twinkle, twinkle little star…she can do the actions for all of the songs too— it’s adorable— she rubs her eyes with her little fists for “the babies on the bus go wa wa wa”.



Favorite Moments, Memories & Milestones:

She’s still pretty shy in new situations but sometimes she surprises us—she hams it up if she’s in the right mood. In the grocery store she always waves and says “bye-bye” as we’re checking out and leaving.

Though she’s still a very good eater, she’s demanding when it comes to what she’ll eat and when. She’s ALWAYS in the mood for bananas, doesn’t matter what time of day (or night) it is. She’s even had full on meltdowns a few times when we didn’t have them. Needless to say,we try to make sure we always have a few in the house.

She answers questions with yes or no all the time now.

She knows her colors now and correctly identifies them most of the time.

She has also mastered the fake cry and dramatic meltdown when she doesn’t get what she wants.

She loves stickers! She likes to put them on herself, toys, books, etc.



one of my fave daddy daughter photos

I’m going to start giving more sporadic updates now that we are in full-on toddler mode, maybe every three months or so, but I’m so happy I kept up with her updates so I can look back on them. She has changed so much, it has truly been a gift to watch her grow and develop.

I hope you had a great weekend! We had so much fun at the Flamingo Gardens, definitely check it out if you’re ever in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. During summer months, I recommend going in the morning or evening hours when the humidity isn’t as bad. Thanks again for reading!


Happy Father’s Day + Daddy Moments

I’m so blessed to be married to a truly amazing man who is already an exceptional father and I’m excited to celebrate him today!


He’s always put his family first, given us his time and attention, his unwavering support and unconditional love. When our beautiful baby girl arrived, I was absolutely blown away at just how amazing he was— both as my partner, helping me through recovery and the emotional highs and lows, and of course as a dad to our little girl. 

He’s our provider. Our Rock. He’s the glue keeping our crazy beautiful family together. I’m looking forward to creating many more memories together.   

Happy Father’s Day!